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PALO ALTO, Calif. — For Thomas P. Yacoe, the word is “terrifying.”

Leah Hemberry describes it as “constant fear.”

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  • What is really sad is the fact that US Soldiers have been guarding the opium fields that contain the pain killer that eventually makes it into your pill, and heroin as well ( All the while when in 2001 Afghan opium production went to 0% because the Taliban came to the farmers and told them that this crop was kill people all over the world and now killing their very own citizens. The farmers stopped. But in late 2001 the US military shows up, and guess what happens to the opium production? (

    Then, in 2012 all of a sudden we note that stateside the DEA begins to threaten doctors so to minimize or stop their prescribing of opioids, and make harsh examples of a few higher up doctors by taking their licenses to practice medicine and jailing them. This in turn sent a wave down to all American doctors that would result in thousands of doctors cutting their patients off of their pain medicines. As a result of sooo many patients being thrown to the curb with their very homes, jobs, families and livelihoods at stake people were forced to attain their pain meds in any way they possibly could due to the dire predicament they were in. Stay off opiates and become totally dysfunctional, or, seek out opiates and find the relief needed in order to function. Many would find themselves finding their meds on the streets, though pricing would be very very high, eventually there came a cost effective solution and my what a solution it was; heroin.

    This all said, with afghan production of opium in 2016 it is suffice to say that the total value of this crop (and NOT street value) rings in at 6.6 billion USD per year. And where might you think all of this money is going?

    That said, I shall leave you to research the end portion of this story so you can happily end it in the way you deem fit. IN reality, the best thing to do in this case is legalize and regulate. To support such an idea I invite you to come understand what is at stake –

    Lastly, I will also share that we all should prepare for an entirely new way to look at this drug, its flower, and the multitude of positive possibilities that will begin to come from it. Stay tuned as the truth continues to flow onward.

  • I just dealt with this today. I have four herniated discs in my neck and it is quite the painful condition to have. I was taken aback when I was told I had to pee in a cup a few visits prior. I find myself saving pills for only when my pain gets to a certain level because I never know when I will get my next prescription. These doctors make you feel like a criminal when all you’re trying to do is get pain relief. I was prescribed another muscle relaxer today, which doesn’t work on nerve pain. I just came home and bawled my eyes out because I know the horrible pain that awaits. I wish doctors would learn to treat their patients the same way they would want their mothers and children to be treated. I’m glad to know I’m not alone, but sad to learn that this goes on way too often. Good luck to all my fellow chronic pain sufferers, may we all find the relief we’re so desperately seeking.

    • Denise, I so know how you feel. Although my Doctor was shut down. Two weeks ago. Not one person has called me to inform me. I had a friend that was there that day when the DEA showed up. Now I can’t even go to a new Dr. without my records and the DEA has them. Remember withdrawal can kill you. My purse was stolen one time with most of my meds in it. Needless to say I called the police. As far as the meds were concerned if I wanted to replace I was told I would have to take a polygraph test. The VICTIM has to take a polygraph?? either way I couldn’t get new meds anyway. While in withdrawal I had two seizures. Had my husband not been here I would have caved my skull in on a table. My Husband passed away suddenly recently and I live alone. I am terrified! to say the least. Call your primary care Doctor tell him your problem. Maybe he will help you. I have an appointment this week with both my Dr. and the caring and loving DEA. I do know that people die every year from overdose. I do know there is a problem. I do not overtake or sell my medication. So as for you and me “WE” are not the problem. When I stop my meds I feel like a junkie. Even though I take my medications as prescribed. But, when taken daily you do become dependent. Now some people my say what is the difference between dependent and addiction? I am here to tell you. Addictive people abuse do not take there medication as directed. Addictive people take there medication to get high. Now you and I we are dependent on our medication to take the PAIN away. We only take them when needed. I do hope this if not helps you it may give you some type of satisfaction. Maybe our president will read this and say wait what about my people who really need these medications. To punish all of is so wrong as I know you will agree.

  • Hang in there. I sometimes feel like I’m alone. I’m sure my friends get tired of how I’m always in pain. The gov. has really gone overboard. They have forgotten us that are caught in the middle of the “drug war”.

  • Yes I’m scared of pain. It has destroyed me. Obviously this doctor has never had chronic’s traumatic to experience extreme pain every day. If we can’t take pain meds what do u expect people to do. Sit and watch h as they deteriorate w no life.

  • Yes I’m scared of pain. It has destroyed me. Obviously this doctor has never had chronic’s traumatic to experience extreme pain every day. If we can’t take pain meds what do u expect people to do. Sit and watch h as they deteriorate w no life.

  • Thank you for sharing this with us. I have CRPS along with several autoimmune diseases that ALL wreck my life. It took me five very long years to finally find a diagnosis to my CRPS, then another five years to find a wonderful Dr. willing to treat all my conditions. Honestly, there is NOTHING out there that I have found to ease the pain from CRPS, so I may as well be given nothing! The DEA, the powers that be do not, literally CAN NOT understand what living with 24/7/365 unrelenting, intractable pain is like. So where IS the pain patient in any of the discussions going on? The pain patient is now relegated into a non-entity in all of these conversations. We DON’T have a voice, let alone a seat at the table. But we are forced into compliance by the DEA, State and Local lawmakers. What is wrong with this picture is that no one thinks about those who are truly, and I mean, TRULY suffering. Why is that?? Why don’t WE count? The government, in all it’s divination, is ignoring the voices of those who will feel the HUGE brunt of their decisions. “Cut them off?” “Zero tolerance??” Thank you, I will insist the medical examiner list my cause of death as “Government Interference”!

  • Lol. The technocapitalistic nonconsociational and empathetically eroded pain managerial system has failed. Bigger golden hammers and escalation of commitment and throwing money at the problem hasnt worked and wontcwork. Fundamental foundational changes are needed to pain care and symptomatic change wont work. Structural inequaloties that lead to moral isolationism and destruction of principlism and destroyed reverence for the lives of people in pain has to be fixed . the immorality of technocapitalism needs to be destroyed at its root. It didnt come from government. It came from the socoal dominance orientaion of academia and professionals. And my oh my how unhumbled unregenwrate and unreformed they are. Govt needs to ensure professionals and academia are required to work qith people in pain instead of act like their feudal masters. Only then can we have a more perfect union and have real hope that pain care in America will no longet be a Kafkaesque theater of cruelty.

  • Talk. Talk. Nothing but talk. I wake up and know that it’s another day of pain. I believe in quality of life not longevity. I could deal better with life if I didn’t have to suffer with pain and no help. My mind is busy dealling with pain so life passes me by.

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