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PALO ALTO, Calif. — For Thomas P. Yacoe, the word is “terrifying.”

Leah Hemberry describes it as “constant fear.”

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  • Please, anyone concerned about this issue like I am visit don’t punish pain, don’t just complain…take action, our lives are depending on it. There are rallies scheduled in all 50 states on 1/29/19. I’ll be attending mine in Harrisburg Pa. at the state capitol building. Good luck everyone, don’t give up!

  • I totally agree. I also suffer from pain everyday. It’s totally insane. I can see some pain patients turning to street drugs for pain. And increase the count of overdose from being forced to seek other ways for relief of pain. Yeah I can see big problems coming.

    • Mary, The suggestion from an individual who I know well, asked me whether or not I have discussed with a physician, about a prescription for medical marijuana? The edibles and other ways that are available for one whose pain medication is no longer offered to patients, could perhaps be an alternative for the now illegal medications. I am seriously going to research this possibility. I will share what I have discovered, in this comment section. The best of everything to you and your loved ones,

  • I suffer from excruciating chronic pain all over, I have various autoimmune diseases that add to that oain. I have tried OTC MEDS, warm compress, acupuncture, and other treatments. None have been effective. Currently, I’m on morphine, fentanyl patches, vicoden. This combination has worked wonders. I can actually get out of bed in the morning and function. Where as before I couldn’t get out of bed, I would cry for hrs, screaming in pain. Visit the Emergency room often for IV pain relieve. Unless you have suffered the pain, you don’t know what it’s like to be in pain 24/7 . Now between the FDA,DEA,CDC,AND other agencies, it is becoming so difficult to get my medications. Yes people have overdosed, but ask yourself why? We’re they abusing it, being iresponsible. Believing they could handle it. Then you have celebrities, that take a mixture of drugs to party, they have the money, they have a big influence on their fans. People sitting behind their Cherrywood desks making decisions for the rest of us. Those that have cancer, and other very painful illnesses, that tylenol, motrin, won’t touch. What are we supposed to do without our medications. Turn to street drugs, committing suicide because we cannot tolerate the pain. Even now, the last couple of times I visited the ER for pain relief, the Drs. Treated me like I was a junkie, actually compared me to a former pt. Of his who was a junkie. Didn’t treat me at all. Insulted me. I left the ER In tears. The next say I was admitted to the hospital with a bleeding ulcer, my CRP, ESR,THROUGH THE ROOF, my BP in ER was 220/140, Heart rate 140s, due to pain. The Dr. Didn’t care, just like the govt. I take my meds. Exactly as prescribed, keep all my appointments. I went to a pain specialist recently who told me, I was taking the current meds, seeing it was helping, if he tried injections, they would kill me due to my other diagnosis, and taking steroids for those illnesses. Yes you will see an increase in suicides, it will be by people who cannot obtain their pain medications, whatever they are, because of our wonderful government, and all those people who have guilt, trying to get opiods off the market. The celebrities who just want to look good, they probably have a stash in their homes. The bible says never wish I’ll will on anyone. But I hope that members of all these agencies or a loved one, starts having excruciating chronic pain, and are told they can’t be treated for pain, the DRUG IS OFF THE MARKET! !

    • The federal government is more than happy when chronic pain patients commit suicide. It’s all part of their culling, eugenics, selective slaughter program. I know that sounds crazy but I was just on the .gov site looking at legislation and proposed legislation.

      For anyone who doesn’t believe me, consider this, the only group of doctors given a free pass (govt issued waiver per DATA 2000, which for some odd reason was buried in the CHILDREN’S HEALTH CARE ACT! ).to prescribe opioids are ADDICTION MGMT DOCTORS!

      The ONLY group of patients the US government recommends, encourages, facilitates, and often funds OPIOID ASSISTED TREATMENT FOR ARE OPIOID ADDICTS!

      Opioids are ANALGESICS, not addiction mgmt drugs, and yet per US government legislation who can’t get opioids? Chronic pain patients! We’re talking about cancer patients (my husband), US Veterans have been FORCED to taper off of ALL opioids. Yeah, thanks for your service, sorry you got hurt, but Jeff Sessions says take an aspirin and suck it up! He’s a fucking idiot! I don’t believe for one second any legislators who suffer with daily chronic pain are living without opioid pain medication. I would VERY much like to know and think it should be public record any legislators who take opioid pain medication.

      The US has so fucked up the system we’re now in the middle of a MASSIVE PRESCRIPTION OPIOID SHORTAGE! Now That’s a CRISIS. Doctors are cancelling surgeries, pharmacies and hospitals are running short… It’s affected other countries. The UK is currently growing their own opium poppies. But the US govt continues the insanity.

      Frankly, I hope that all the policy makers related to opioids, as well as the DEA targeting pts and drs, get daily, severe chronic pain, and can’t get any opioids. Then I’ll feel there’s justice.

  • I have been reading every day and night about the most egregious act of the federal government’s terrorizing the patients and the doctors too; they are going to prison for continued treatment for opioid pain patients who have ZERO QUALITY OF LIFE, without their medications; the patients are going to have to endure their pain and suffering from their respective experiences with the most horrific pain imaginable, the patients will be going to their graves. The most significant aspect of the current regime that is preventing access to the opioids that just about provides chronic pain patients to have a modicum of a sometimes experiencing of a quality of life. Without the pain medications that the most significant aspect of the patients who are truly suffering from pain that words cannot describe, is one so obvious connection to how real pain patients are all the same way regarding their medications and how they use them to the exact dosages that the medications state, and not any one of them are addicted, they are dependent upon the relatively low pain relief that they depend upon to try to have a life worth living.

    For so many countless individuals who are in dire need for the medications that again are so similar in the ways that the patients have spent years of finding the right physicians who then try to determine which medications are the most beneficial for relieving some of enough pain, which allows the patients to attempt to make their lives better enough to be with others, both in their careers, and especially for their families, who are dependent upon so many of the chronic pain patients.

    The most reprehensible consequences of the patients who rely upon their medications to just be able to endure enough of their pain, and they have the will to try to make their lives a more successful attempt to make their own selves better enough to be in life that they are only able to endure, with the strict adherence to their medications that are taken as directed, never abused, rather are used to provide patients with a quality life for their families and themselves.

    The fact that each individual is now unable to access the very carefully chosen medications, that they are not able to continue with their respective experiences of a somewhat successful life experience. Now everyone one of us who are dependent upon our opioid medications just to try to live with our pain, and remain productive as we all want to do always.

    Long explanation short, I contacted the California Bar association for help with the hope of the wannabe anesthesiologist who made a bloody fortune with his lack of skills for which many representatives of a well known device manufacturer allowed the “cottage industry that exploded in CA, at the time when I was profoundly unable to do anything remotely close to the busy and active life I had always had until I awakened one day and was paralyzed; then a couple of hours later I had feeling back again, but now it was torturous and unrelenting pain that created a new individual who was unfamiliar to myself, even though I was that self, but now wishing that I could return to the paralysis, because I could not do anything anyway for a very long time. The wannabe doctor who twice was not allowed to bring me into the surgergical theater, by the chief of surgery for the hospital, because he said to the doctor who was going to insert a neuromodulater into my right hip area, and hooked up the countless leads that were the locus of the worst of the pain, and I had to be awake for several times throughout the surgery, in order to say to the doctor when I felt the pain and where. I was then given fentanyl in extremely high doses so he could keep rousing me to say what was the severe pain and where? ( To this day I still don’t know why I didn’t run not walk out of this draconian individuals clinic when I first went to his pain clinic and before I was allowed to say my name I was prevented from uttering one word until I signed a document stating that I could never sue him for malpractice, leaving the only recourse for any reason that he was responsible for malpractice to meditations with the attorneys of his choice! I have to remind myself that I was barely able to walk into the web that was his torture chamber of such behavior that several patients one day began an uprising in the office and threatened him with all manner of causing him to suffer from the pain that his inability to perform any type of surgery resulted in his robbing each of us from ever again to go without the severe pain that first brought us to his clinic, and because of the lack of his skills, he exponentially created even more excruciating pain than before we allowed him to ruin our lives totally. I was frightened by the patients who were threatening him with their own way to seek something that they felt they were doing because he ruined the lives of each individual who was unfortunate enough to be his patient to begin with, however I am not a violent person not would I ever consider being such an individual who would threaten the life of another.

    I spent years without my own voice being heard by the several doctors that I found after the one who took my life from me, because I was afraid to remain in the exrutiating pain any longer.

    Finally I went to the very chief of neurosurgery who developed this device for the manufacturer, where he told me that I was never a candidate for the device that the wannabe doctor implanted into my body that the doctor who created the device for the company had to remove the device because the wannabe doctor implanted it incorrectly regardless of the fact that I never was a candidate who would benefit from the device!

    The attorney who returned my call had only the disheartening response to my inquiries about my pursuit of a medical malpractice suit against this wannabe doctor and he said that I would never have enough energy or be able to endure that attorneys who have the upper hand with this situation because they always win for one reason only, they are well compensated by the wannabe doctor who has unlimited insurance that they know that they are going to have for themselves so much money that the system is set up for my failure to obtain one single penny, and I would have ended up without a penny to our selves because of the most significant costs for a malpractice suit at that time.

    I am no longer using any opioids because I found an awesome group of medical practitioners who were compassionate and respectful along with providing me with alternative treatments that worked well enough for me. However. I still must always be very careful with how and what I do with my life each moment of each day.

    I still experience the most significant pain that leaves me sometimes screaming in the worst pain ever, because when I have pain it’s easier for me to control it enough to do something more than I was able to do before; when the pain has me, well that is when I hear myself praying for death, rather than continue with the pain for one more day.

    I am thinking of all of the brave individuals who have shared their experiences with the rest of us, and hope for our respective pain to be relieved from the torture of each moment of each day when we are truly experiencing the severe pain and and suffering of being without the medications that help us to endure the pain enough to try to make life bearable again, against all odds. I hope that we all have our lives returned to a better way of life soon, and it must be stopped by those who don’t know, don’t care, and frankly want us all to die. Of this I do have some knowledge of the desire of the government who want us all to truly die.

    Please don’t give up to them; we have to go through our attempts to challenge the government from interfering in our personal lives of which they are intent on creating impossible ways to make our lives a little more better than not. And as of this account of my life, that I omitted so much more than I shared, we must prevail. Together.

  • LIE #1). Doctors have asked me….”Where does it hurt the most right now, while stating they will only address that pain. (I was hit HEAD-ON by a car while on my motorcycle 135+mph impact speed, and underwent 2-3 operations a week for 6 months).
    LIE #2). Doctors have spewed that my pain meds Withdrawal symptoms are the SAME As my Chronic Pain symptoms, thus enabling them to greatly reduce or even elimenate all pain management… So… these Doctors feel good about their methods of torture or murder (murder, they call suicide) or both. I should add: Without any pain management, my physical problems intensifies causing more and new pains.
    Doc: #3). As a pain sufferer (legally), I MUST have a Doctor prescribe the meds I need. However, Doctors are NOT required to accept me as a paitent. Why should I have to beg? Ever? And what is my recourse? There is no recourse!!! If a Doctor thinks he has a right to control my pain, then I should be allowed to control their pain!
    4). The Doctors and Government has determined the Earth is Flat ! How? They both tell me I, (Me…) must find a Doctor that will treat me, its my responsibility. So, after exhausting all pain managements in two counties… I am expected to move and re-kindle my quest for pain management… Until I have exhausted the state. Then country, Then State, Then country… right up until I am standing at the edge of the world, where anyone of them can give me a slight push.

    #5). What is their agenda? Easy… The less disabled pain sufferers the more money they can steal from the Social Security Dept. And so the Government leans on Doctors telling them what they can and cannot do, and thanks for their high pay…they comply with a smile.

    • u nailed it Terry,,,don’t forget,,,,malpractice insurance premiums are dropping like a rock,,,no more pain or suffering allowed in medical language and why doctors ,,most,,anyways,,,walk around in the ,”tuck,” position,,,rubbing their HANDS,,MORE MONEY ,,MORE MONEY,,,,MORE MONEY FOR ME!!sickening ,,,what America has become ,,maryw

    • Oh, Terry, I sooo feel for you! Your Dr.s sound like a bunch of Yahoo’s. Sweats, anxiety, cold and hot, etc, etc. are withdrawals. INFURIATING! With your pain spreading from uncontrollable pain in other areas, you may have RSD. Just a thought. Don’t want to freak you out. Check out the alliance for pain network. There are people doing something about this travesty. Don’t lose hope. Also, Canada rescinded this “law” after 2 years. At least they have a heart and a brain in their head. Good luck!

  • I want to know this stupid question: what would happen if one of these law makers needed pain meds? Well they probably have ways. When people are in pain with no relief the street drugs might become more of a problem.

    • Curiously ,,I cannot not find 1 Doctor that has been arrested in Washington D.C…,,yet,,Soo if anyone knows of 1,,,pls let me know,,,But to answer your question Ms.Mace,,it would appear,,the politicians in D.C,,,are getting thier pain medicine just fine,,No hoops or denial of access what soo ever,,,,ON OUR DIME!!!!!maryw

    • There are policy makers who use opioids. A couple of articles came out earlier this yr where White House pharmacists talked about their access to drugs. Don’t remember offhand where it was published. I think, considering the stakes, any legislator who themselves, or their family members who take prescription opioids, should have to disclose.

  • The most tolerable pain that doctors endure….YOUR pain. Most of these a antiMed crusaders just want to avoid DEA scrutiny. They don’t give a rat’sass about you or how awful your life is.
    Not doctors, but torturers.

  • All that I can say at this time if I found a med that could relieve at least some of pain even if from the street I would go for it. Hell the world don’t make since anymoe, so what the hell.

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