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Patients tired of tiny print guidelines and difficult-to-understand drug use instructions could see their medical packaging get an innovative upgrade.

Design and development company Cambridge Consultants has created a new type of medical packaging that could make it easier for patients to learn how to properly take their medication. It could be particularly useful for self-injected drugs such as insulin, which can run the risk of user error. The AudioPack aims to cut down on that risk by breaking down instructions in an easy-to-read package with oral, step-by-step instructions from a helpful guide named Anna.

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  • Thank you for sharing your article, the content was great and informative hope to read your future articles.

  • So now we have three computerized female voices to help us do what we can’t do for ourselves, tell us GPS instructions, Alexa to answer the stuff you folks are too lazy to look up and now Anna to tell you how to self medicate. My suggestion: READ THE F’IN DIRECTIONS!

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