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STERLING, Va. — At a glance, the synthetic opioids being tested in a lab here look like many other white, powdered narcotics. These particular drugs, however, are so potent that simply touching them can be fatal.

At the lab, run by the Drug Enforcement Administration, chemists are analyzing these drugs and trying to identify them. More and more, they’re discovering new, deadlier varieties of opioids concocted overseas and sold on the street in the US.

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  • When government bans safe and well tested substances it creates an illegal and unsafe black market both medical and recreational users then must avail themselves of. This tragedy is the creation of our federal government and most of these lost lives and costs are entirely the fault of government and its ill considered effort to control people like it were their parents or guardian.

  • Look at Mandrax compounds. I watched a TV show on the distribution of this drug to South Africa, the compounds used produced similar death results just by touching or breathing the fumes. This is being deemed equal to Qualudes.

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