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Controversial vaccine skeptic Andrew Wakefield attended one of President Trump’s inaugural balls late Friday, prompting a flood of mostly negative reaction on social media, with many commenters raising concerns that his discredited ideas will gain traction in the new administration.

Wakefield, who helped launch the anti-vaccine movement with a fraudulent study linking vaccines to autism, posted a Periscope video from one of the balls, calling for an overhaul of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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  • You guys think it is all about Jenny McCarthy and Wakefield. How stupid. How ignorant. People see the carnage. People read the science. You think people would want the RFK Commission to review the science but you are terrified of it. STAT is the fakest of fake news.

  • Mr. Journalist Ross,

    I recommend you do your journalists duties before reporting your bias opinions. Research the CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson and you’ll quickly figure out why Dr. Wakefield is still prevalent today. All the truth Dr. Wakefield has spoken about has been confirmed by CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson. The truth ALWAYS prevails!

    • Amen–the truth WILL prevail! If more & more vaccines keep being added to the already overly-crowded schedule & forced down our throats, in 10-20 years when 1 in 3 or 1 in 5 are diagnosed with autism, they’ll be forced at admit that for the susceptible, vaccines can trigger autism or other chronic, autoimmune diseases. They can only deny the truth for so long. But I pray the truth will come out before it comes to that, and I finally have a glimmer of hope that it just might with Trump, who I’m hopeful can stand up to the intense pressures from big Pharma & the biased media & go ahead with his proposal to form an autism commission.

    • “Research the CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson”

      Still not a “whistleblower” and his claims don’t stand up to a review of the data and evidence.

      Sorry, Thompson was wrong.

    • Bazing extolled Wakefield’s “willingness to stand by [his] research.”

      But of course he didn’t do that, because he knew that he could not fraudulently manipulate data from a carefully-monitored research effort. When he was offered the opportunity to confirm his controversial preliminary results in a large, fully-funded study, Wakefield ran away. Instead, Wakefield left academic medicine and then, ironically, established an “academic integrity fund” to extract money from the parents of children with ASD and put that money into his own pocket.

    • They simply claim “Thompson was wrong”! So did Thompson lie and to what purpose? Is he insane, went off the deep end, has lost his marbles? Either way, he would no longer be working at the CDC, unless they are openly employing liars or crazy people! But he is still there, was given a promotion and offered his own autism research facility! Really? How is this possible if he is the liar or insane person many here claim! The CDC must be keeping him on as charity work for the criminally insane! Nothing to worry about here folks all is good at the CDC, sleep well!

    • “All the truth Dr. Wakefield has spoken about has been confirmed by CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson. ”

      Well, no.

      Please list the quotes in which Thompson suggests that MMR causes ASD in (1) girls, (2) Caucasian boys, (3) Hispanic boys, (4) African-American boys who were vaccinated on schedule, while noting which of the children in Wakefield’s retracted study were nonwhite. Thanks.

      Please note that Thompson’s co-authors suggested that a weak signal that suggested that ASD might be more common among (_only_) African-American boys who were vaccinated before rather than after 36 months of age was due to confounders including socioeconomic factors rather than to vaccination. Please also note that in a conversation recorded by BS Hooker without Thompson’s knowledge, both Hooker and Thompson admit that confounding socioeconomic factors could explain the apparent increase in the sliced-and-diced subset (ca. 13 cases of ASD) that provided the basis for Hooker’s retracted headline claims precisely because Hooker dishonestly chose to ignore such factors . Simple–see–and as Hooker claims, elegant.

  • There is so much disinformation in this article…. He authored a study that showed novel bowel disease in autistic children (8 of the 12) and noted that parents said the autistic behaviors started after their MMR shot. Then noted more research is needed. That is wholly different from linking autism to MMR! Where are the REAL journalists? The other thing that is soooo wrong is the whole last paragraph and really makes me cringe.
    “But he has continued to pursue his ideas in other venues. Wakefield directed and also appears in the film “Vaxxed,” which strikes a paranoid tone about the “medical industrial complex” and alleges an array of conspiracies to promote vaccines. It was pulled from the Tribeca film festival but was shown in at least nine cities, including Detroit, San Francisco, and New Orleans, since its premiere last April in New York. The new film is based on Wakefield’s 2010 book “Callous Disregard: Autism and Vaccines — The Truth Behind a Tragedy.””
    In reality (had you even bothered to watch the film), Vaxxed is about a whistleblower at the CDC who claims they fudged the numbers committing fraud on the last MMR study done by the CDC to disprove a link when without the fraud it showed there indeed WAS a link. His books have nothing to do with the film… GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT….

    • “He authored a study that showed novel bowel disease in autistic children”

      He manipulated the pathology reports to show a “novel bowel disease” linked to MMR.

      He’s scum.

  • Fear of a “safety committee” for vaccines indicates there is much to hide. The pharmaceutical industry has literally gotten away with murder for decades unchecked, why would any industry request and receive complete immunity for the responsibility of deaths and injuries caused by their own products? Bashing Dr. Wakefield and simply stating #vaccineswork or some other vague propaganda line has convinced many people that a huge and growing amount of childhood vaccines are safe until now. Due Lin part to Andrew Wakefield’s diligence and dedication over the last 20 years parents are not accepting the pre-fabricated lies put forth by government agencies and the pharmaceutical industry as fact, they are researching the safety of highly toxic, dangerous massive vaccination and finding answers and those answers are not good. Any decent, respectable industry would welcome a safety committee as this would validate their products, instead there is an enormous uptick in mainstream media plugs for vaccines as well as fear mongering to those sharp enough to question them. Since when is guilt, terror or mandates necessary to get people to accept something good or helpful? The gig is almost up for the cowards who push poison for profit, the honest, decent few who have tried to tell us deserve our thanks, gratitude and support so thank you Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Robert Kennedy Jr. and countless others!

    • “they are researching the safety of highly toxic, dangerous massive vaccination and finding answers and those answers are not good.”

      So you’re not reading the scientific research, you’re reading blogs that tell you what you want to hear.

      That’s just sad and pathetic.

  • Thank you Andy Wakefield for your presence at the Trump inaugural ball! You represent all of the vaccine injured children caused by an indemnified CDC who owns 53 vaccine related patents and derives it’s budget from the purchase and sale of vaccines! The director and others in the CDC are pawns of pharma and have executive jobs in pharma lined up after their careers in health agencies. Each vaccine added to the CDC schedule equals a billion dollars a year for Merck and other pharmaceutical companies. No wonder there are 80 vaccines and increasing on the CDC schedule when I had 5 vaccines. Infectious disease has not exponentially grown but greed has! Thank you Andy for giving the vaccine injured a voice in Washington!

    • Yes, thank you Dr Wakefield for being a person of integrity and standing behind your sound scientific research and not bowing to the intense pressure you’ve been subjected to. Your willingness to stand behind your research WILL have a huge impact on bettering the health of future generations! I’m sorry you’ve had to endure so much loss and persecution for it, but I have the utmost respect for you and am most thankful for your courageous work!

    • How does one distinguish real news from fake news? The fake news seen on anti-vaccine conspiracy websites will naturally claim to be real news and everyone else is fake.

      A little bit of fact-checking is all one needs. For example, the page this poster links to is full of anti-vaccine propaganda, which once any of it is fact-checked, is revealed to be absolute garbage.

      If anyone wants examples, feel free to ask.

    • What an incredibly stupid blog she brought. It’s so full of misinformation and lack of evidence that it’s just laughable. It even contradicts itself, over and over and over again.

      Here’s just one example:

      “There have been a handful of studies, mostly performed by the CDC themselves, that have “failed to find a link” between vaccines and autism”

      Handful? Hundreds. Here’s one that has nothing to do with the CDC:

      It’s the largest of it’s kind.

      Then there’s the anti-vax funded study on thimerosal that failed to find neurological impairment. No CDC link, all funded by anti-vaxxers.

      So yeah, let’s talk about “fake news”.

  • Ben Swann, Reality Check: CDC Scientist Admits Data of Vaccines and Autism Was Trashed

    How is Dr. Wakefield discredited when it came out that the CDC knowingly shredded documents to cover up the fact that the MMR vaccine was linked to young African American boys? (This was after a small measles outbreak where a bunch of people vaccinated for measles got measles.) This is a discussion that is always steered towards if vaccines work or not, or if you dare to question anything about vaccines you are shouted down and called an “anti-vaxer.” In reality this isn’t really a discussion if the vaccines work or not, it’s actually a discussion about the corrupt pharmaceutical companies, their collusion and crony capitalism with the government, the every revolving door between big pharma lobbyists and the policy makers in the FDA, CDC and other government agencies. This is about the billions of dollars that have been paid out to families of injured or killed children through the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.

    “Since 1998 through June 1, 2015, HRSA reports that 14,812 claims were filed in the VICP. The total paid out to vaccine victims was about $3.1 billion. While 4,121 were compensated, 9,904 have been dismissed. Further, the majority of vaccine injuries never make it to vaccine court.”

    “After six months and nearly one billion tweets on Twitter, it took a media frenzy over a small measles outbreak in California at the beginning of 2015 to draw the attention of some in the national media to finally start reporting on the significance of the CDC Whistleblower story from the summer of 2014.
    Patrick Howley of The Daily Caller has reported that the Obama administration has granted whistleblower immunity to Dr. William Thompson, a senior epidemiologist at the CDC who co-authored and published research on the MMR vaccine for the CDC back in 2004. His decision to become a whistleblower and reveal data that was concealed by the CDC linking the MMR vaccine to autism among African American boys was revealed during the summer of 2014.”

    Ben Swann, Reality Check: CDC Scientist Admits Data of Vaccines and Autism Was Trashed

    • “How is Dr. Wakefield discredited when it came out that the CDC knowingly shredded documents to cover up the fact that the MMR vaccine was linked to young African American boys?”

      Well, first, Wakefield is discredited by his history of research fraud as well as by the great weight of the evidence that refutes his nonsensical position. In addition, though, you might note that the CDC study that you think supports Wakefield showed that MMR is not associated with increased risk of ASD in girls or in boys of any race (like the Caucasian boys in the Lancet study) except among African-American boys who were vaccinated late–and that difference in that sliced-and-diced subgroup is explained (as Hooker and Thompson acknowledged in a recorded telephone call, and as Thompson’s CDC co-authors knew) by socioeconomic factors unrelated to MMR.

      Second, you might wonder how Brian Hooker was able to reanalyze the data from that study if the data had been destroyed? Perhaps you, like Ben Swann, are confused by the standard practice to discard hard copies of computer files while properly retaining the computer files, as CDC did.

    • “Further, the majority of vaccine injuries never make it to vaccine court.”

      This statement is not backed up by any evidence, anywhere. This is a BS claim, and Mercola is a known anti-vax loon.

  • “Controversial vaccine skeptic”? You can do better than that Mr. Ross. A skeptic is able to distinguish strong evidence from bad. Wakefield is a denier, pure and simple.

    • Wakefield goes beyond mere denialism, he’s into manipulation of the masses in order to accomplish a personal vendetta. There’s a distinct chance that beyond being a mere narcissist he’s also a psychopath.

    • That’s some really bizarre quote mining, Jake. The evidence suggests that your autism began in the womb, long before the administration of the postnatal vaccines that you and Wakefield blame for your condition.

    • I see you’re still trying:

      “…at least both The Lancet and Dr. Andrew Wakefield agree that he was exonerated of the disciplinary findings against him now that they have been completely overturned.”

      That’s not in the Lancet’s documents at all, no mention of him being exonerated has ever been made, anywhere, except by anti-vax trolls.

      Why do you have to lie, Jake?

  • Everyone should watch VAXXED and the recent series Vaccines Revealed before making a decision on this topic. There is much to it. Many, many nurses are now refusing to get vaccines and are against them.

    • A fake documentary lacking any scientific rigor. VAXXED is a worthless piece of lying propaganda from a “doctor” that violated research ethics and abused special needs children.

    • Jay Kanta, have you seen the two aforementioned documentaries? If so, please explain what you find to be fake?

    • Jay… He was an ACADEMIC gastroenterologist. He didn’t do the procedures so how could he have abused children? And how did he violate research ethics since it was just a case study of 12 kids? His colleague who actually did the procedures had his license restored so if those were the charges he is exonerated by proxy. OH and guess what? NONE of the parents complained about the treatment of the children. It was a rogue reporter that brought it up under false pretenses. Wow the ignorance of people is astounding! Read the paper and prove me wrong….

    • Heidi, I don’t need to see a fake documentary from a known fraud like Wakefield that is pushing the fake whistleblower story. I’ve read the data from DeStefano, I’ve seen the “documents” that Thompson released and I’ve read the studies looking for autism in all sorts of sub-populations.

      Thompson was wrong, Wakefield is an unethical fraud and there is no real science presented.

    • “And how did he violate research ethics since it was just a case study of 12 kids? His colleague who actually did the procedures had his license restored so if those were the charges he is exonerated by proxy.”

      That’s not how it works, little anti-vaxxer.

      Wakefield manipulated pathology reports and was the one that claimed that IRB approval had been granted, which was a lie. No IRB approval ever occurred, and Andy was directly implecated as the one that pushed for the spinal taps without that IRB approval.

      Not to mention his failure to disclose his financial COIs and other problems.

      He’s never been exonerated and he never will be. His failures and his unethical actions are known by all real scientists.

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