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Controversial vaccine skeptic Andrew Wakefield attended one of President Trump’s inaugural balls late Friday, prompting a flood of mostly negative reaction on social media, with many commenters raising concerns that his discredited ideas will gain traction in the new administration.

Wakefield, who helped launch the anti-vaccine movement with a fraudulent study linking vaccines to autism, posted a Periscope video from one of the balls, calling for an overhaul of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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    • A narcissist that ordered spinal taps on special needs children without IRB approval? A fraud that manipulated pathology reports? A self-serving troll that didn’t bother to declare his massive conflicts of interest in his research?

      Yeah, you aren’t a very good judge of character.

    • Gets paid £400,000+ expenses by a class-action lawyer to FIND A REASON to file a suit over MMR, has his own patent pending and doesn’t reveal those conflicts of interest to The Lancet. Has his buddy hand-pick children with pre-existing conditions for his study, then proceeds to perform invasive procedures on those 12 children in his care that no ethical Dr. would have put them through, including colonoscopies, barium meals, and lumbar punctures. Manufactures data, releases his b.s. to the public, and bam, parents stop vaccinating and we have dead & injured children. That’s courageous, righteous and honest? The man is a monster with blood on his hands, and his lies continue to hurt kids.

  • It’s amusing when anti-vaxxers show up to these comment boards and spam the same debunked nonsense under multiple names.

    No, Wakefield was never exonerated (his license remains revoked and he is not a doctor)
    No, William Thompson never said vaccines cause autism, nor did he say that data was destroyed, nor did he say that his colleagues covered it up.
    Yes, “Vaxxed” is still a fraud that was debunked long ago
    Yes, anti-vaxxers are still lying, every day.

  • showed in a few cities.? LOL Try 700 cities and it’s still going strong. Why let the government make choices for you? Educate yourselves and make your own choices. Educate before you vaccinate. Personal health choices. Parents consent. Vaccines cause autism. Get over yourselves.
    see Vaxxed and Trace Amounts and the truth about vaccines which are unsafe and ineffective. Maurine Meleck Ponte Vedra Beach Fl.

  • Thank goodness this man Andrew Wakefield who has had the courage to live and speak his conscience all these years. There is a much-needed investigation into the scientific integrity and vaccine safety. Anyone who does not follow propaganda and whom thinks for themselves knows that the information being fed to the American public is incorrect. There is plenty of evidence among scientific studies by scientists who are not tied to the pharmaceutical industry, vaccine court awards of vaccines causing serious adverse reactions and death from vaccines, and families whose anecdotal stories paint a story of vaccines and harm.

    • The unvaccinated develop autism at the same rate as the vaccinated, so it’s obvious that vaccines don’t cause it.

    • Source Brian? The few studies done comparing Vaxxed to nonvaxxed show that nonvaxxed are healthier across the board. Sure, some nonvaxxed develop autism as vaccines are one of many ways to get heavy metal toxification. If one has the MTHFR mutation or one of the others that predisposes someone to methylation problems, the environmental trigger can come from many places. Vaccines are just the biggest and most obvious source.

  • What a brave man Dr. Andrew Wakefield is. A man who stands by his word and convictions. I am so grateful for everything he is doing to put the word out there for the good of all.

    • The man secretly made a deal with lawyers, performed invasive, painful, and completely unnecessary tests on special needs children, falsified data in a study, and then lied to the world and his lies ended up killing innocent children.

      He is not a doctor. He was stripped of his medical license forever.

  • The film Vaxxed is not based on a book but on a top CDC scientist claiming they committed fraud on their definitive autism study… Who did your research?

    • It’s clear from the entirety of the papers that CDC scientist William Thompson released that anti-vaxxers’ claims that Thompson accused his fellow CDC scientists of fraud are simply false.

      Those papers have been available to the general public for over a year, so we don’t have to rely on Andrew Wakefields’ self-serving interpretations. Thompson’s co-authors believed that (1) the data showed that MMR did not increase the risk of ASD, and (2) the effect observed in a small subset of their sample (not girls, not boys in general, not Caucasian or Hispanic boys, not African-American boys who recieved their vaccine on time) was explained by socioeconomic factors and was not related to MMR.

      Subsequent research has supported that position. Moreover, in the published transcript of a telephone call that Brian Hooker recorded without Thompson’s knowledge, both Thompson and Hooker acknowledge that a socioeconomic factor explained the result in that sliced-and-diced subset–but, strangely, Hooker chose to ignore that factor in his flawed and since-retracted “reanalysis” of the CDC dataset as he attempted to to reach his predetermined interpretation.

      A recent study of almost 96,000 children showed that MMR was not associated with the risk of ASD, even among children who are at markedly increased risk because they are younger sibs of affected children. [Jain A, Marshall J, Buikema A, Bancroft T, Kelly JP, Newschaffer CJ. Autism occurrence by MMR vaccine status among US children with older siblings with and without autism. Journal of the American Medical Association. 2015 Apr 21;313(15):1534-40.]

  • Andrew Wakefield is the best thing that has ever happened to the human race. Through first hand experience it is confirmed that he is genuine. He cares about people where others fail.

    • Yes, indeed–as Lisa Lasker intmated–the list of “the best thing that has ever happened to the human race” includes, in rank order:

      1) Andrew Wakefield
      2) Access to wacky anti-vaccine web sites
      3) Survival of genetic bottleneck that killed almost all modern humans 70,000 years ago
      4) Fire

      Strong work, Lisa!

  • Can’t anyone read any more? This is such folderol I can barely decide where to start. Dr. Wakefield is quoted as saying he hopes to “prevail upon them (someone important) to make the world a better place for children with autism.” What a horrifying statement! Someone concerned about others! Children no less. It’s Chilling. This man must be stopped. And then the incredibly ignorant references to the Lancet paper that was authored by a total of 13 doctors and PEER Reviewed! It was NOT Wakefield’s alone. Besides that, you can read it online. The paper explicitly states that they did not make a correlation with vaccines and autism! (The parents did though). God people! Can no one take the time to read a few pages? Are you all that stupid? Or does it just fit your agenda to slander this man? Did you know the high court in Great Britain ruled that the medical board’s decision was bogus and that the article should be reinstated along with medical licenses? But please, don’t let me stop you from such a worthy endeavor as fearing and slandering a man who worries about the future of children with autism! Carry on!

    • ” Did you know the high court in Great Britain ruled that the medical board’s decision was bogus and that the article should be reinstated along with medical licenses?”

      Why do you have to lie? Wakefield was never exonerated, his fraudulent actions in manipulating pathology reports is well documented. His research is retracted because it was fraudulent. The other “authors” had minor parts, Wakefield was the lead researcher and is the one that committed the fraud.

  • I bet Casey Ross has never read the Wakefield study. I would love it came to comment section and told us the conclusion and recommendation. But he is too dam lazy. He is not a good reporter. The conclusion was more research was needed and the recommendation was that until more research was done we should give individual shots. Come on Casey back your crap up.

    • I read the research, Wakefield’s fraud is clear when you actually know what to look for, and what is missing from his research.

      He manipulated the pathology reports and failed to seek IRB approval for his orders of spinal taps on special needs children.

      And he failed to disclose his acceptance of funds from legal firms looking to profit from cases against the MMR. The case against Wakefield is well done and has been reviewed by thousands of real researchers around the world.

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