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WASHINGTON — Two weeks ago, Dr. Joseph Gulfo ran a panel at the Biotech Showcase in San Francisco titled, “The Trump Administration: What to expect from the FDA.”

He left out one key detail: He may end up running the place.

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  • Right now the FDA is extremely harmful. They have written their own laws that only back the pharmaceutical companies. This is their law: Only drugs can prevent, heal cure a disease. So what they do is say is that an illness is a disease so that they can then be able to prescribe a drug for it. One silly for instance is: your being addicted to pain pills and drugs is a disease. No! But if they want to say so, then why can’t America sue them right out of existence for making us addicted? One news reporter went on to say that getting the flu can be considered a disease. Yikes. That’s nuts. Arthritis isn’t a disease. Being constipated isn’t a disease. Just take some magnesium at night and you can reverse the disease. In Germany the doctors do both: they give Rx prescriptions and they also use supplements of vitamins and minerals, sometimes even herbs. According to one doctor, a homeopathic doctor there are many herbs that can fight Alzheimer’s, diabetes, cancer, fibromyalgia, arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and even give athletes more stamina, more endurance. What! Yes. That all can be done with Siberian Ginseng, also called Eleutheru. Burdock the root and seeds can detoxify the blood, help the Lymph System. Aids in Diabetes and Cancer. Plus it has anti aging properties. Reduces wrinkles. Book: The New Healing Herbs by Michael Castleman. Fun and full info. My question is: Why can’t we balance and work with both: Rx drugs and natural remedies? Germany does, I’m sure other countries also, so why can’t America? The FDA needs to work with America not for the Pharma. Thank you. Take care. Note to add: To be a Homeopathic Doctor, you first must go to regular medical school, graduate and pass the bar. THEN you go to 4- 6 more years to become a Homeopathic Doctor. Now that is something else. It’s over educated brilliance.

  • This is such an important issue. The FDA has put through drugs that should never have been put on the market. Drugs that actually cause TB, cancer, diabetes, strokes, heart attacks, lowers tremendously the immune system of people of all ages. Even on PBS Frontline they had showed where these drugs were tested: in the poorest of countries, Pakistan and India. People became very sick many even died. These drugs aren’t properly tested. Patients aren’t truly told all of the reactions. If you go to Lawyers Against Deadly Drugs you will find drugs that done tremendous harm. Two drugs for instance, Eliquis and Xarelto, you take these and you will bleed to death. No drug can stop it. Humira was taken off the TV, at least, then back again. It causes TB, heart failure and so many more things. It’s extremely dangerous. But it’s still back on the market. Th FDA pushes harmful drugs, even when proven dangerous, they put it back on the market. Please have the FDA make the Rx Drug companies accountable. Listen to the adds on TV and you will be astounded at the harm. Thank you, Praise you in your new job. Got roller skates?

  • What is his position on device approvals and safety? Would he keep the current outdated “one type fits all” system, or move to a framework for Precision Devices, with prescreening patients for immune reactivity to determine if device materials are “right for you” before being installed?

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