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WASHINGTON — Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, an audacious biotech billionaire who has pledged to “solve health care,” has been in talks with the Trump administration about the possibility of serving in a senior role overseeing the US health care system, according to individuals familiar with the discussions.

Soon-Shiong, a trained surgeon, has met with President Trump and his advisers at least twice in recent weeks. During those discussions, he raised the possibility that he could serve as a “health care czar” with a broad portfolio in the administration as it seeks to reshape the health care system and replace the Affordable Care Act, according to two individuals, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.


Asked about the discussions, an adviser to Soon-Shiong told STAT that the word “czar” had not been used but did not dispute that the biotech mogul has discussed the possibility of taking on a senior role overseeing health care in the Trump administration.

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    Some people blame doctors and scientists. You it doesn’t make much sense to blame a some disease are not testable only’ Jesus can treat them’ fine,its quite fine fine to have doctors like this ,who have this talent and skills to treat such diseases or prevent the but for the fact man has to die one day read Job14:1.Man that is born of a woman is of few days but full of trouble malaria for example kills fast in sub Saharan Africa and in england man ladies have cancer,so the remedy is trying to work well with the doctor is best as the whole world must be pro ted by introducing cancer medicine in all continents.Can help us.Thanks to America and related countries for efforts made to eradicate diseases.
    Bye bye.

  • God stands in the way for the people like drSoon as the have good plans about his people.Its not easy to work without God.
    Its not tumboo to comply with former governments only slightly, when a mistake was made.
    Win WinWin for knowledge is power.

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