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As she prepared to testify, the woman knew this hearing could determine everything. If the judge found her story credible, she could be granted asylum and allowed to stay in the United States. If not, she could be deported back to her home country, where she had been gang-raped by armed soldiers. She worried she’d be murdered soon after she got home.

So she recounted everything she remembered. But there were a few questions she couldn’t answer.

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  • I have a friend from Syria who is trying to obtain asylum in the US, and I can definitely say that the psychological evaluation is going to help her case. She’s planning to have one done later this week to show proof of PTSD, as you said many do, and as you said, it’s extremely important for the evaluation to be done by a professional in order for her condition to be admissible in court. It’s amazing that so many psychologists are willing to put in the extra time to help people obtain their asylum, and I know that my friend will be extremely grateful for everything the psychologist can do to help her case.

  • Reading this article brings tears to my eyes. Our brains are so incredibly vulnerable to shock or/and trauma, induced by any means thus affecting each individual’s brain differently. That difference is key and some times not diagnosed/ignored for treatment or treated as a standard 4 or 5 decades old procedure. “Patient in/out”, X-rays, scans, prescribed for pain, anxiety and/or both and let time determine outcome. This is common practice by even expert well educated and trained medical teams or practitioners following outdated systemic procedures. If pain is not involved extended therapies migh work or route patient into a way of thinking different from self.
    Above happens in a most advanced country the USA. How can a person arriving to the USA from anywhere else and culture would cope with even accessing change and differences, where there was never a BASE line to even understand what is happening to a brain, a head, neck, spine and every microscopic nerve communicating from any and all crevices with in a body to its traumatized brain?
    Most brain experts end up at the helm of drug companies, working at the pattent office or a law firm dealing with drug development.

    How can the legal body, become a body of brain experts also and begin better understand its clientele?

    Eric Boodman, thanks your article brings up and identifies a systemic HUGE GAP TO BE ADDRESSED HERE IN THE USA, affecting schools, teachers, students, families, communities and governments.

    So, I question: is this a time for machine to take on a brain hemorrhage provenance and impact identification? Consider brain impact measurement is still in its pre-conception modeling stage.
    There are existing scientific brain historic foot print characterization and evaluation technologies not available to all, do not cure injury. There are brain activated limb replacement parts, Good Luck IBM and AI.

    Congratulations to Megan Berthold! I know you she is achieving success much needed there in Connecticut where policy for migration was far more open than other states. I would love to learn about upcoming April training program.

    The entire world is facing equal misunderstanding and issues today.

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