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During a week when President Trump’s efforts to ban immigrants from seven predominantly Muslim nations touched off alarms among scientists worldwide, his former rival was sending a very different message.

Hillary Clinton spent Wednesday evening at a star-studded fundraiser supporting the cancer research of two top scientists at Columbia University — both of whom happen to be immigrants.


One of the event’s beneficiaries was Dr. Azra Raza, who last summer wrote an opinion piece for STAT under the headline: “I’m an immigrant and a Muslim. And I’m here to cure cancer.” Raza, who researches early-stage leukemia, grew up in Pakistan. She said Clinton repeatedly thanked her for her work.

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  • Hillary and Obama lines their pockets with Foundation money they could care less who comes to our Great U.S.A. President Trump and Vice President Pense will see to that, they care for the people by the people here in this Great Nation. Hillary and Obama should be locked.

  • oh DO shut up with the ” cancer researcher” … we are not talking about desireable deserving aliens

    Germany, a country of 82 million ( already near 20% recent immigrant) allowed 1.1 million refugees in 2015. 75% were male. 66% were under 33. only about 20% had any significant education.

    In other words, they just let in an ARMY of military age unaccompanied males, very few with modern or advanced education, and many with mediaeval outlook on women and society. Assimilation is a farce.

    10 years from now, huge swaths of Germany will be No Go zones of seething malcontents. Look up Luton. Look up the entire history of the so called Islamic Age in Europe. Pop some corn and watch the modern version play out courtesy a new set of internationalist fomenters

    • Luton is NOT a no go zone. It is a normal British town with a majority white population. It is a diverse city, but many of our British towns and cities are. But still the majority is still white.

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