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On Friday evening, President Donald Trump signed an executive order halting immigration from Syria, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen. It’s a reckless order that has sweeping implications for the medical community and its future generations.

In March, medical students and graduates of foreign medical schools will learn if they matched with a residency program and can pursue their medical careers. With Trump’s executive order come concerns that applicants from those seven countries will be disregarded because of questions over whether they’ll be able to enter and stay in the United States. The order could easily end medical careers in America before they begin.

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  • Stop whining fellows. There are thousands of Local doctors, Citizens and Permanent American residents without job or residency.
    If you are born in IRAN, go and ask Iranian Govt to give you job. Not at the cost of Americans. Tell your govt not to raid and kill Americans in their own embassy in Tehran. Advise them not to hate non believers of your religion.
    Ask them not to hate Christian culture before seeking job here.
    If an American did not get job here, can he or she apply for a job in Iran ?
    If they do not give me job, can I complain in media ? Will I leave Iran alive?

    • Do you even know any Iranians in this country? Most Persians don’t hate Christian culture, or hate the US. Otherwise, why would we have such a large vibrant Persian-American community? Everybody doesn’t represent their government from 30 years ago. If you went to Vietnam, would you be held accountable for what the US did during the Vietnam War? Again, there are not THOUSANDS of local doctors without jobs. The VAST majority of American trained doctors match into medical residency. Most of the ones that don’t on the first try could get other positions, otherwise we wouldn’t have unfilled spots in medical residency. Unfortunately, there are places where qualified US trained applicants just don’t want to go, so international applicants fill a vital role in providing necessary healthcare, especially in rural areas. Your comment is just so ignorant.

    • I totally agree.

      America for Americans!! Make America Great!!

      Want to become an American?? Apply for citizenship, denounce the hatred of your Islamic religion and accept the co-existence as equals prevalent in the USA.

  • I think that US citizens should have 1st priority followed by permanent residents. After all its their tax payer money. The process of matching into a program might seem fair to some but those that really know what is going on, knows that it is all about who you know. It is not all about your score or that you are more qualified. You can have the lowest score ever but if your parent or family member knows somebody, you are guaranteed a position. This needs to stop!

    • This is just incorrect. “Those that really know what’s going on”- are you one of those people? Who decides who those people are? Statements like this cheapen the pain of those who couldn’t match, or the success of those who were able to. Please give an example of how having a parent or family member “knowing somebody” helped someone match over a more qualified applicant. If that person was unqualified to be a resident, then they will very quickly fail at being a doctor and people’s lives will be at risk. No hospital system wants to open themselves to that type of liability. This isn’t undergraduate.

      Also, PLEASE stop whining about taxpayer money, blah blah blah. Taxpayer money is going towards having US patients get treated by the highest quality resident trainees. Don’t we want the most bang for our buck? Your whole comment just really gives off the scent of sour grapes. At least John Tilden was brave enough to share his personal struggle, you’re just “unknown.”

    • Actually the priority goes to non-citizens because they pay more tuition money. That’s why you don’t see that many American Physicians anymore. It’s not that Americans all the sudden decided they did not want to be Physicians. Their seat in medical school was given away to the people who paid more tuition dot-dot-dot capitalism at its worst. Yes I agree they should take American citizens first, period. I have written my congressman about this.

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