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There it was again: During his first week in office, even as he unveiled policies affecting momentous issues from women’s health and war refugees to oil pipelines and immigration, President Trump seemed fixated on … less portentous topics.

He tweeted his scorn for the anti-Trump women’s marches in cities around the world the day after his inauguration. He told congressional leaders he lost the popular vote because more than 3 million people cast illegal ballots. After ABC’s David Muir, in an interview that aired Wednesday night, told the president, “I don’t want to compare [inauguration] crowd sizes again,” Trump plowed ahead, showing off a framed photo and saying, “the audience was the biggest ever, but this crowd was massive. Look how far back it goes. This crowd was massive.”

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  • While this was a fantastic article, I don’t need a psychologist’s or psychiatrist’s expertise or diagnosis to tell me what is BLATENTLY obvious to anyone with 1/2 a brain. Donald Trump is most likely, a narcissist, if not a sociopath. Unlike the many other people who despise him, I actually don’t think he is stupid. However, I do believe that he is absolutely ignorant and as the famous saying goes, “Ignorance is Bliss”. His behavior is beyond uncouth and incredibly thoughtless. It is clear that neither one of these character flaws cause him to lose a moments sleep. It is my opinion that anyone who engages in consistent hurtful, angry, dishonest, disrespectful, and self-serving acts, without demonstrating even a single shred of remorse, is at the very least a narcissist and most likely a sociopath. He may not meet the DSM’s criteria for a mental disorder (according to clinicians who have never spoken 2 words with him), but neither did Ted Buddy (until he was caught). I have treated countless people, suffering from various mental disorders, and I can tell you, with the utmost confidence, that Donald Trump is not mentally stable enough to lead “the most powerful country in the world”. May GOD help us all.

  • “…would-be diagnosticians…are misguided in asserting that Trump has a mental disorder — for one fundamental reason. According to (the DSM), a diagnosis of mental illness requires that someone’s behavior, emotions, or beliefs have two key attributes:
    1. They cause the individual to suffer clinically significant distress.
    2. They cause the individual to suffer clinically significant impairment.
    OK, so if a person is so mentally ill and has the means and power to hurt people without remorse, he’s fine? No distress=no problem?
    If a person is extremely mentally ill and they have a wealthy family, there’s a lot of protection there from seeming to be impaired. Look at John du Pont, for example. If you have enough money, you can hide your illness from the world. You’re considered eccentric, not erratic. You’ll never be fired from a job or arrested for vagrancy. You’ll have access to personal assistants, image consultants and public relations firms. Legal problems will be solved as privately as possible and pay offs will keep the aggrieved quiet.
    These doctors who insist that every box on their precious checklists be checked need to open their minds up to cases that are not “textbook” (or, more accurately, DSM book) due to unusual circumstances. Let’s remember the words of
    F. Scott Fitzgerald:
    “The rich are not like you and me.”

  • Maybe you “experts” need to get your head around the fact that Trump is a business man, not a greasy political HACK you’re so used to analyzing…and THAT’S why he was elected!

    • Matt,the orange evil is not nor ever was a businessman. It was and still is a con man, specializing in bankruptcies, bullying, molesting, and other nefarious activities, including lying about everything and everyone. Please do not insult business people.

  • Hey Greenboy, how many times since Trump decided to run have you proven wrong doubting him? Hundreds maybe? This might be just another one of those times. One would think y’all would learn to be less sure of yourselves by now. Don’t be too upset now, many people much smarter than you have made fools of themselves disagreeing with him. Peace. 🙂

  • This article lost all credibility when it mocks Trump for pointing out the fact that all intelligent creatures know. At least 3 million votes were cast for Hillary by illegal immigrants all over the country. That doesn’t even count the other normal democrat operations of voting fraud (dead voters, voting duplicates, etc..).

    • Sigh, speaking of mental health…Do facts (nationwide statistics on voting fraud as reported by thousands of independently appointed local voting officials indicate rate of voter fraud is near zero) exist in your world, sir? Or is it all fantasy and any random garbage tossed out by Russian trolls and Fox News propagandists? Paranoia is probably a lovely place, but I’m glad I don’t live there.

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