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There it was again: During his first week in office, even as he unveiled policies affecting momentous issues from women’s health and war refugees to oil pipelines and immigration, President Trump seemed fixated on … less portentous topics.

He tweeted his scorn for the anti-Trump women’s marches in cities around the world the day after his inauguration. He told congressional leaders he lost the popular vote because more than 3 million people cast illegal ballots. After ABC’s David Muir, in an interview that aired Wednesday night, told the president, “I don’t want to compare [inauguration] crowd sizes again,” Trump plowed ahead, showing off a framed photo and saying, “the audience was the biggest ever, but this crowd was massive. Look how far back it goes. This crowd was massive.”

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  • …. maybe we are not AWARE of any ” clinically significant distress” in Trump due to any mixed personality disorder, he may have, but maybe HE is..also this man is the President of the US, that makes a difference in our expectations of his behaviour. One must agree that Freud wouldn’t mark him high in the ego department!

  • I can easily compare him to a four year old that desperately needs attention, being good or bad is not a consideration. His alleged fascination of Hitler makes perfect sense. Hitler was a nobody, a failed painter, enlisted personnel in the army, and then a prisoner for a petty crime. He equated himself, took notes, set goals and the rest speaks for itself.
    Trump didn’t have that good fortune, from silver spoon, to idol, to silver platter.
    His prison was a military academy. His first year must have been hell. After that it improved each year with more cadets being subservient to him. Then the draft, No juice so was only maybe would he be an officer. And 2 Lt was lower than a lance corporal. Plus if he got to far on the wrong side of his troops there was always fragging. Nope avoid at all cost and Europe was perfect. To top it off he was good looking and what we would call arrogant was a regal plus.
    Draft ended time to split for home. Daddy kept his butt out of any cracks that he couldn’t pull it out of quickly enough. Allowing him time to find a Fine trophy wife and make some babies. Was a big shock when she dropped him like a bad habit. Least she got a fine hotel, on the north end of the strip, in Las Vegas.
    So cut to the chase, he is still a brat, probably see Barron as him 60yrs ago. He has gained enough power to abuse people via hid lawyers or more blatant tactics. I don’t think he is bright enough to have planned this election alone.
    But, with no ethics to restrain him, away we go. A whole party was waiting for him. tea party, nationalist, kkk, thugs, goons, bullies, an other ner’ do wells. And his need for approval is being fed.
    Is he crazy, venal, desperate, failing so badly that he couldn’t let anyone know. Mortified and humiliated that his children and wife know. Even shamed that he isn’t studly any more. Or all of the above.
    Folks, I am no shrink, hell, I am a bit older than Trump. But I have spent most of my life assessing people and what kind of a person they are, trustworthy, honorable. Been right 9 out of 10 times, and lived through my mistake
    If DJT doesn’t get us all killed, he will get those that survive hated for a long time.

  • “Personality disorder requires the presence of clinically significant distress and/or impairment.”

    ““The obvious thing with Trump is that he can’t tolerate psychological pain,”
    “He has to immediately eject the pain; he can’t sit with it.” “you have to act on what you feel. You wake up at 3 a.m. and you have to say something” to drain the painful anxiety, including anxiety that comes from bottling up anger for even a moment.”

    -The idea that Trump DOESN’T suffer significant distress is laughable. I’ll take a bet that the PhD.s asked would say Trump has NPD overwhelmingly, while whatever Trump supporters you asked were psychiatrists.

    Allen Frances is wrong to anyone with even the slightest behavioral insight, and to say Trump doesn’t meet the criteria is to project that Dr. Frances is wearing clothes.

    As a New Yorker who has witness Trump’s narcissistic rage, Dr. Frances insults the profession and does the public a great disservice. (Regarding Tweets and compulsion, I remember the newspaper ads Trump took out asking for the death penalty for a bunch of innocent boys.)

    Good lord. He helped write DSM. Hey, I know a brain surgeon who believes that Genesis is literal who might want to poke around Dr. Frances’s little grey cells.

  • And the issues? Not acting on climate change? Denying refugees refuge? Contolling women’s bodies? Giving wall street free reign when we know what happens there? Letting waste be dumped into our rivers? No minimum wage? No affordable health care? Making everyone afraid so people give up freedom? No free internet? Letting Monsanto controll al the seeds? Not listening to scientists?

    • Hurting people wins him constant admiration and applause from the people who put him in office. It’s his drug.

      He doesn’t have policies or a philosophy … he has statements and actions that produce a public response that feeds his addiction. Period.

  • Mr. Murty: I’m afraid the clarity of your last two sentences is lost in the insanity of your argument. Time to see a shrink, maybe?

  • We felt the same way when Obama was elected as you do regarding Trump. Howevet, believe we endured with more grace.

    • No you did not. You roadblocked EVERY SINGLE ONE of President Obama’s initiatives no matter if they were YOUR OWN IDEAS FROM THE PAST or not.

      Try fooling someone with a lower IQ (You are going to have to find someone with a less than 40 IQ to fool them with this tripe)!

  • It seems to get worse every day. AND, why every weekend in Florida? Why are not his ‘fans’ complaining about the $$$$ being spent?? IMPEACH….ASAP….not my President. AND, I would bet those who approve of Trump spent much of their time bashing President Obama….calling him bigoted names….still doing it, it seems. I’ve had enough of Trump…..

  • So according to psychiatrists “a diagnosis of mental illness requires that someone’s behavior, emotions, or beliefs have two key attributes: They cause the individual to suffer clinically significant distress or impairment.”
    By this definition Trump does not have mental illness but then neither would a sadist or masachist or Hitler. As long as they could still function without distress then they are sane? What about the distress of everyone around them? If their sickness is that they liked inflicting pain or having it inflicted then this is not mental illness? I really do not understand this criteria.

    • Thank you for that comment Margaret Smith. This is why the field can have many pit falls. A supporter doesn’t think this man displays traits of mental illness. Would question if I would set an appointment with her. As humans not sure if we are capable of being unbiased whether you have the single or not

    • I’ll add that Trump would never seek therapy. It’s remarkable to me that anyone in this article would even imagine such sessions. I’m guessing that a number of professional are a bit upset that when it comes to behavioral insight, we “amateurs” who live the examined life often have more emotional intelligence than a cloistered MD.

  • Labelling or remotely diagnosing President Trump as ‘crazy’, ‘unhinged’, ‘warped’, ‘narcissistic’, ‘paranoid’, ‘schizophrenic’, and/or suffering from ‘Narcissistic Personality Disorder’,

    Is greatly damaging to the campaigns dedicated to reducing the stigma of mental illness, and the safety and wellbeing of us suffering from real and properly diagnosed conditions, why?
    Because it doesn’t stop at these diagnoses. It is then stipulated that because of this President Trump is unable to carry out a role of responsibility, and is dangerous and unpredictable, a liability to himself, everybody, everything around him. Liable to explosive, unprofessional and unpredictable outbursts and in any case is delusional and a pathological liar.
    This by extension is incorrectly and quite wrongly applied to all suffering from any mental illness.

    These so-called professionals would do well to abide by the reminders issued recently and reread the “Goldwater Rule”, this is first published in the American Psychiatric Association’s code of ethics and states:

    “On occasion psychiatrists are asked for an opinion about an individual who is in the light of public attention or who has disclosed information about himself/herself through public media. In such circumstances, a psychiatrist may share with the public his or her expertise about psychiatric issues in general. However, it is unethical for a psychiatrist to offer a professional opinion unless he or she has conducted an examination and has been granted proper authorization for such a statement.”

    If you don’t like/hate President Trump and think he’s a dangerous idiot with a complex , who shouldn’t be in charge of a paper bag, let a lone a country. Then please have the guts to come right out and say it, rather than hide behind a stigma inducing subjective, unproven, unprofessional remote diagnosis of mental illness.

    • Okay then. I believe that trump is not representing the majority of Americans , does not have sufficient experience in politics, is more consumed with his own image than those he is in a position to serve, and as such, is dangerous and unfit to be president of this great country.

  • The Political Personality of 2016 Republican Presidential Nominee Donald J. Trump. Working paper, Unit for the Study of Personality in Politics, St. John’s University/College of St. Benedict, October 2016. Abstract and link for full-text (31 pages; PDF) download at Digital Commons:

    The Leadership Style of U.S. President Donald J. Trump. Working paper, Unit for the Study of Personality in Politics, St. John’s University/College of St. Benedict, January 2017. Abstract and link for full-text (14 pages; PDF) download at Digital Commons:

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