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There it was again: During his first week in office, even as he unveiled policies affecting momentous issues from women’s health and war refugees to oil pipelines and immigration, President Trump seemed fixated on … less portentous topics.

He tweeted his scorn for the anti-Trump women’s marches in cities around the world the day after his inauguration. He told congressional leaders he lost the popular vote because more than 3 million people cast illegal ballots. After ABC’s David Muir, in an interview that aired Wednesday night, told the president, “I don’t want to compare [inauguration] crowd sizes again,” Trump plowed ahead, showing off a framed photo and saying, “the audience was the biggest ever, but this crowd was massive. Look how far back it goes. This crowd was massive.”

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  • In other words – He is exactly what the country needs. I will put up with a bit of narcissism in the leader of the free world, in fact, I require it. If you are going to be surrounded by a bunch of hyenas you had better be a lion. Have you noticed that he seems to win in the end and isn’t that why we play the game?

  • Whatever is wrong, or not, is no worry of mine. As long as he undoes every Left-wing, crackpot hit job Obama did on America to “take it down a few notches”, I’m happy.

  • Not sure Trump’s adult kids are so “wholesome,” at least Donald Jr. and Eric, who are avid hunters and seem to take delight in posting selfies of themselves with dead trophy animals, which they kill for sport and not for food.

  • No – just the plain crazy variety. Look up Narcissistic personality disorder, it will be clear to you.

  • “From Trump’s late-night, angry tweets to his denying that he did or said something caught on video, “he apparently gets pleasure, not distress, from these things, and they made him president,” Frances said. The tweeting, in particular, “makes perfect sense, and he’s rewarded for it,” with attention and, from his fans, cheers.”

    That seems to be good evidence of a mental disorder. He gets pleasure from an activity that consistently sets his agenda back and increases opposition. Yes, he is rewarded by his fans but at the expense of his goals. By the way, does the fact that he derives pleasure from those things legitimize them? If a person gets pleasure from torturing small animals, does that make it OK?

    Also, his consistent lying is certainly not a sign of mental health. It’s as if he feels that lies have no consequences and that he is justified in lying because of his inflated self image.

    Many people are narcissistic but Mr. Trump is in a whole different league. He will harm millions of people, if necessary, just to show he can wield power.

    In fact, the way the health bill voting has been described by news media is frightening. Nearly all senators voted for a bill they did not like just to show they can pass something even though it would have caused real problems to nearly everyone and actual suffering for many. Is that mass incompetence or mass mental illness?

  • It is stunning that Dr. Frances (and others) would fail to see the all-too-obvious distress that Trump is apparently struggling with 24/7. The supposed “pleasure” he gets from his compulsive 3am tweeting, for example, is simply the kind of pleasure a drug addict derives from getting a fix: it is a relief from misery and suffering rather than pleasure per se.

    And, more generally: anyone who is so narcissistically fragile that, despite becoming president of the United States would still (6 months later at this point!) be obsessing about his inauguration crowds, how red the electoral map was on election night, etc. etc., evidences a clinical picture of intense, constant distress. A good case can also be made as to how his functioning is gravely impaired and often self-defeating, and often for reasons that are closely related to his mechanisms and strategies for attenuating distress.

  • No I don’t think he’s delusional, I’ve seem many many delusional people. Quite apart from the obvious Axis 2 picture, I think the guy is uneducated , and in a strange narrow way, undersocialised. Doesn’t seem to grasp concepts, doesn’t read and process info. Indicates that when you are messianic enough you cannot learn.
    sometimes I forget my 35 years in psych, and think he’s just plain dumb…

    • Whatever is wrong, or not, is no worry of mine. As long as he undoes every Left-wing, crackpot hit job Obama did on America to “take it down a few notches”, I’m happy.

  • What would be real fun is to discuss Hillary and Obama!!!

    The article needs to discuss that many things about Trump are part of his genetic makeup as well as part are for show. His first grade teacher would have had a very busy year if she was not well experienced with his type of personality temperament. He can behave when he wants to behave. Yes, “crazy like a fox”.

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