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Our nation’s health regulators stand at a crossroads. In one direction lies advancement through cutting-edge programs; in the other are practices that no longer reflect our best scientific insight. Health officials want to move forward, but external conditions are holding them back.

President Trump can help our nation’s public health talent take the promising path forward by embracing groundbreaking regulatory reforms. Such audacious action will ensure America’s global leadership and national health.

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  • There isn’t enough nasty things to write about trump. He s a turd wrestler or bottom feeder that he makes a buck on. Notice the key word trump. With this election it was president not emperor. Notice oval office red, white, and blue. Not gold. He s married to a ho ho ho who s wanting to make millions off being 1 st lady when she s in the same gutter as Donald dick drumph trump.

  • We Stage IV Pt.’s and Caregivers must ensure that the 21st century Cures Act becomes a reality and more. It’s still hard to believe in the ” new ” ” patient oriented ” Dr. Pazdur . Back in 2009 – 2014 , he led the FDA ” flexing of it’s regulatory muscle with Big Pharma ” (WSJ, 2011) , while we Stage IV pt.’s were the ones who paid the price. So we protested . His FDA revoked Avastin for breast cancer instead of just black boxing it , his FDA denied early approval for Kadcyla – that decision alone cost thousands of lives. ( Kadcyla was just named one of the top drugs approved in 2013 – few know it could have been approved in 2010 ) . His FDA tried to ban Iclusig and Lemtrada . Both those decisions were overturned . The present FDA nitpicked and argued within itself over the Duchennes and SMA drugs , eteplirsen and nusinersen . We remain skeptical of all the ” powers that be ” in charge in DC , and in Big Pharma. We see that 3 out of the original 4 compassionate use reforms in the 21st Century act have been cut. Left is the weak reform that companies must post a compassionate use policy , including contact info. Wow ! – at least we dying pt.’s won’ be stuck with just an ” investors ” hotline. We want a lot more change .

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