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People who support vaccinations are typically not a loud advocacy bloc. But they’re now mobilizing urgently to find their collective voice.

They’re signing petitions, contacting lawmakers, and sharing personal stories about the importance of vaccines to counter their opponents’ emotional anecdotes about sick or autistic children.


Even the 89-year-old former first lady Rosalynn Carter has gotten involved, writing a letter delivered through aides to first lady Melania Trump requesting a meeting on vaccinations.

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  • It’s amazing how the anti-vaxers can’t spell, can’t comprehend risk analysis or statistics can comfortably spout rubbish. It’s like playing chess with a pigeon. No matter how definitive the outcome. It will just crap on the board and strut around like it won.

  • The real public health epidemic is the massive increase in cases of injuries as a result of vaccines in the last decades. Between the years 1989 to 2013, vaccine court has paid out over $2.6 billion as compensation to victims of vaccine injury. This number is only a tip of the iceberg as it’s estimated that 0.5% of the total vaccine injured actually file for claims at the vaccine court.
    Till the injuries arising from vaccines are seriously addressed, citizens have to exercise their right to protect themselves against the significant health risks of vaccines.
    For starters, repeal the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. The Act protects vaccine makers from being held liable in cases of vaccine injuries. This is wrong. The act should be repealed so vaccine makers would be made accountable for the safety and efficacy of their products.

    • Nearly everything you wrote is false or misleading.

      First there is your phrase “massive increase in cases of injuries as a result of vaccines.” Do you mean an increase in the cases brought before NVICP? If so, you are correct. But to an anti-vaxer such as yourself, this is interpreted as evidence for an increase in actual vaccine injuries. Those are two different things. Anybody can bring a case in vaccine court. You can sue because the MMR turned your kid into a golden retriever, and your case will be counted as being reviewed by the court. That doesn’t mean your kid retrieves sticks and pees in the back yard. Likewise, just because a case is heard and settled doesn’t mean an actual vaccine injury occurred. In the early days of the court, hundreds of cases of seizure disorder and encephalopathy from DTP were compensated. It was only years later that it was discovered DTP had nothing to do with the alleged injuries. NVICP is a no-fault arbitration venue. In many cases it is simply unknowable if the vaccine caused the injury. Vaccine court sets a low bar for finding for the plaintiff. That’s a good thing, since most of these cases wouldn’t see the light of day in civil court, much less prevail.

      Your “.5% of vaccine injuries” claim is equally dishonest, because the injuries your refer to are actually adverse reactions, which can include rashes, fainting spells, fever or febrile seizures. Yes, you are actually that careless in your interpretation of data.

      Finally, vaccine makers are already accountable for the safety of their products. I would explain why, but what’s the use?

      This is the part where you call me an industry shill. I wish. I’ve never been compensated for setting the record straight.

  • With so many paid advocates that are in the back pocket of big drug companies, who and what study can be trusted? Foverment also said lead was safe, asbestos was safe, DDT pestiside was safe and now even talcum powder that was put on every baby is now proven to cause cancer!! Government is notorious for approving use of something then after years of use banning it because it harms the public!!

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