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WASHINGTON — President Trump will keep, for the time being, the same White House doctor who had cared for former President Barack Obama since 2013.

Dr. Ronny Jackson, a rear admiral in the US Navy, will continue to serve as physician to the president, White House press secretary Sean Spicer told STAT. Jackson was appointed as the lead White House doctor by Obama in July 2013. He had previously served in the White House Medical Unit under Obama and George W. Bush.

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  • Trump has the temerity of actually picking an Obama guy for his cabinet and the Trolls still hate on him. There is no pleasing the Socialist Pigs.

    • I think that Ronny Jackson was a great pick and this bashing of him isn’t fair. He worked with Obama and Bush, with no complaints. No wonder the Democrat’s are losing to the Republicans. The only way that the Democrat’s will win the house and senate back in November 2018 is to stop with the impeachment chant and work the President Trump. Trump responds to people who don’t insult him. (you catch more flies with honey not vinegar).

  • Donald Trump is not 6’3″ tall. He may have been at one time, but that is no longer true. Compare photos of him standing next to people such as Barack Obama, who is 6’1″ tall. The figure 6’3″ was chosen simply because it lowers the possibility of him being called obese.

    • He’s also not 236 lbs. 286, maybe. He’s much closer to 300, if he’s over 6 ft. At 6’3″ and 236, he’d be much leaner than he is. In truth, he’s clinically obese. You don’t even need calipers to see that.

  • I’ve known Admiral Ronny Jackson since he was a teenager, he is a fine person and so very smart, and I’m sure he is a Fine Dr. I’m sure President Trump could not find better

  • First I heard the Crazy Clown is 6’3″ and 236. Guess I have to look up to him after all.

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