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WASHINGTON — The Environmental Protection Agency’s advisory panel on children’s health gathered last week to consider a few items that had long been on its agenda: getting lead out of water, cutting pollution-related asthma, and educating doctors about toxins in toys.

The panel also took up an issue that few members could have foreseen several months ago: keeping the program off the chopping block.

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  • Actually, EPA is a Republican
    idea signed into reality by Richard M. Nixon. Hope the current administration will honor the spirit of its inception. Yes, over time EPA
    has made many mistakes @ over regulation. Fix it…
    “Dont throw out the baby with the bath water “! And I believe
    Congress in true bi-partisan
    fashion should work together
    for the health of all Americans.
    Amen to that ?

  • I have been effected by toxic chemicals in csrpet glue in new instillation-
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  • The EPA under the Obama administration has gotten out of hand, they love to bully people and businesses. Before you stick up for these folks do your research…if you literally have a moderate size puddle of water in your backyard you may go bankrupt getting it corrected because this may be a habitat for migratory birds. Interesting though when the EPA recently turned a river orange they bolted scott free! In central Pennsylvania there is a an underground fissure that has been burning for over fifty years…they have done nothing. In Bridgeville Pa. there is a secluded neighborhood plan that is contaminated with uranium, the people are literally walking around like zombies…you guessed it, the EPA has done nothing because there is nobody to go after…the burden would be on them! These are just a few examples…most of the workers of this bureau are bored nut cases…I read one worker state they would like to see the air quality comparable to pre industrial revolution days…that would destroy the economy and what little manufacturing we have left…good riddens!

  • Scientific data can be, and is, manipulated by many, to suit their agenda’s. Drug companies do this to get their drugs approved, and only later do we learn the whole truth about particular drugs. The same is true for chemicals of all kinds. Giving any one political faction control for a short 4/8 years, can, and should be buffered by giving the same control to an opposing view for the same 4 years. I see nothing wrong with what is happening, and will try to judge fairly what the new EPA administration does on it’s merits, not on it’s politics.

    • The key concern is, to me, any negative impacts on children’s health could take years to see in data; and by that time it may be too late to get back regulations which were actually protecting human health. I hope your judgment by merit will consider them a failure should human health suffer due to the rescinding or non-enforcement of regulations.

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