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Medical billing records are full of curious designations and interesting facts — including which types of injuries are unusually common in which states.

Across the US, open wounds and bruises are the most commonly reported injuries. But Amino — a company that aims to use big data to match patients up with doctors —  combed through insurance claims data to find the unique injuries that crop up unusually often in each state.


How Americans get hurt

In New York, injuries sustained in an “unarmed fight or brawl” are disproportionately common compared to the rest of the country. Brawls in New York alone account for 10 percent of “medically documented fist fights” in the US, according to Amino.

Animal-drawn vehicle accidents, on the other hand, are unusually common in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, and Nebraska. And in Hawaii, a “near-drowning” diagnosis is more than six times higher than the national average.

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