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WASHINGTON — Frank Guinta, a former New Hampshire lawmaker who helped create an opioid crisis task force in Congress, has discussed serving as President Donald Trump’s “drug czar” with Trump’s team, according to several individuals familiar with the discussions.

Since the election, Guinta has spoken with top Trump aides about serving as director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy — a position colloquially known as the nation’s “drug czar”—  multiple individuals, speaking on condition of anonymity, told STAT this week.


The ex-congressman, who lost his re-election race in November, hampered by a campaign finance scandal, made the opioid crisis a central focus in his most recent term. He helped found a task force working on the issue and advocated for the major opioid legislation that passed last year, as well as the accompanying funding for its programs.

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  • I live in NH. Guinta is an EX Congressman because he got caught mishandling funds. The good people of his district wisely refused to re-elect him.

    In short, he’ll fit right in with the rest of Trump’s picks. Another dismal, venal choice.

  • Frank Guinta is one of the most clueless drug warriors in New Hampshire’s recent political history. When the New Hampshire House passed a bill reducing marijuana penalties in 2008, Guinta (who was then mayor of Manchester) reacted by publicly calling for a legislator (one of 193 who voted in favor) to quit his job working for the Manchester school district. His record on drug policy in Congress suggests that he hasn’t learned a damned thing since the 1980’s.

    • I know a lot of folks who worked for the city of manchester during Guinta’s tenure as mayor….I have not heard a single positive thing about the guy.
      I have heard enough negative things to know, he has not been and will never be a good public servant.

  • Guinta is a man with a really dark soul…as mayor of Manchester, he didn’t do the hard work anyone who is mayor would have to do…such as understand the details of the city budget….he condemned special school programs for at-risk students because it was politically advantageous for him…he consistently demonstrated that he only cared about himself….a true narcissist.

    • Couldn’t disagree more. An outstanding Congressman who served with honor. He would be an excellent choice for Drug Czar. A leader in Congress on this issue. He would balance both perspectives and undoubtedly be effective in this position. A bad mistake by 1 CD voters last November

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