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At the height of the AIDS epidemic, California’s state government was unified in its response.

The state legislature decided in 1988 that somebody who donated blood while knowingly HIV-positive could be punished with up to six years in prison. Ten years later, it became a felony to have unprotected sex with the intent of transmitting HIV to a partner.

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  • People aren’t running around intentionally giving others HIV. That is not a real thing.

    People are however transmitting HIV because they are not getting tested because of these laws.

    The goal of this legislation is to encourage more people to get tested and treated. When treated, we can stop the spread of HIV.

    This is about saving lives and it is based on science.

    • Wrong. There have been many cases of people intentionally spreading HIV. A Kiwi train driver intentionally infected 40+ men. You also have an entire fucking fettish dedicated to it. Don’t try and take the high ground you disgusting fuck.

  • if we prosecute people for passing on HIV we should equally prosecute people that don’t vaccinate their children and expose others to measles, polio and other dangerous and potentially lethal diseases
    as well as coworkers that bank on PTO and come to work with flu and strep

    all of that crap is still very dangerous and can kill.

  • This is absolutely crazy….why would we undo something that potentialy protects people no mater color, race or sexual identity…..Another San Franciscan representative that could be committed

  • If anything, laws for knowingly transmitting deadly disease should be stricter! This kind of action is in no way discriminatory towards any group. The money it takes to promote this legislation could do far greater good if spent on realistic education for the group’s most affected.

  • This has the kind of optics that bring ridicule to the democratic party!!! I would severly injure a person who intentionaly gave a life threatening disease to my grand kids! Misdemeanor??? That is insanity! I am a gay marriage supporting Bernie Sanders liberal, but I believe giving someone hiv is a serious crime intentionaly!

  • This is rediculous. Anyone who intentionally causes harm to another person knowingly should be treated to the maximum penalty their is. A mistameaner is not appropriate for these crimes.

  • Give us a break. The reason that this law was passed is that there were (and probably still are) people who used AIDS as a weapon to do dangerous physical and psychological harm to others. They were caught and unable to be punished, the PUBLIC made a SEVERE outcry to become protected from this.

    Purposefully attempting to give someone AIDS is NO different than walking up and beating someone with a baseball bat or shooting them with intent to kill or commit great bodily injury, this has ALWAYS been a FELONY of the highest order. The law needed to be passed and needed to be severe and in line with doing severe bodily harm to anyone by any other means.

    I say that those IDIOTS that want to remove the law need to be interned in re-education camps, they are insane! Wait, lets just have someone inoculate them with the virus on purpose and then ask them again!

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