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At the height of the AIDS epidemic, California’s state government was unified in its response.

The state legislature decided in 1988 that somebody who donated blood while knowingly HIV-positive could be punished with up to six years in prison. Ten years later, it became a felony to have unprotected sex with the intent of transmitting HIV to a partner.

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  • I am stunned that anyone can think that the transmission of HIV is anything like a common cold. HIV is a stealth death sentence. Yes we screen blood donors for HIV and syphyllis, but to intentionally pass HIV should still be be a criminal act…wether or not you are a legitimate sex worker, or having just a quick contact. Im not homophobic, or against prostitution, and I dont think this is a moral issue. Taking someone out of circulation if they knowingly pass HIV is a public service.

  • This is disgusting. If you KNOWINGLY donate blood that will HURT someone who needs it, then you are committing voluntary manslaughter. That SHOULD come with harsh penalties. Absolutely disgusting. Whoever doing this obviously wants lots of people dead or sicker.

  • Be a gay aid ridden Californian
    Work at a elementary school cafeteria
    Purposefully put my blood in the kids lunches
    Get caught after 90% of the school gets aids
    Misdemeanor crime
    Spend less than one year in prison

    I love living California

  • Seriously??? ANYONE who knowingly spreads ANY serious life threstening disease should be treated the same as assault to commit murder , period!!!!! This protects all races and orientations!!! These far left panderings are why that god dam trump is in office today! I am a democratic socialist, but not a god dam idiot like the bills supporters!

  • Next they’ll try to pass bills reducing the penalties for drugs and violent crime.

    “I think some of it is based on racism,” said a crazy leftist lawmaker, “And these laws were based on fear of being killed. They were passed quickly, when there was very little known about their culture, and based on public fear that was occurring at the height of the epidemic. This happened across the country.”
    Advocacy groups stress that the laws have a “disproportionate effect on people of color.”

  • Someone who is a carrier of potentially deadly disease intentionally passes it on to another human or into medical blood supplies and they want the penalty to be the equivalent of a traffic ticket. Democratic insanity and prove they they value political correctness and identity social issues over the safe guarding the public.

  • The drug cocktail to maintain a healthy life with HIV/aids costs a fortune. My brother survived (i.e. Did not get infected) that era but sadly tells about all his friends and acquaintances who died, the neighborhoods gone and lifestyle changed due to the unchecked epidemic that occurred. It’s still out there, anyone INTENTIONLLY infecting a person regardless of who they are and from whence they come from are guilty of manslaughter, a felony

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