he world’s richest doctor had a very bold plan.

He’d assemble an unprecedented collaboration of companies, researchers, and doctors. Their mission: to vanquish cancer. By the year 2020, they’d build a working vaccine and test therapies in 20,000 patients. They would forever transform medicine.

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  • It is easy to see this article is very biased towards self interest groups. The fear is this good oncologist has indeed found a much better way to treat cancer. Ask anyone who has a loved one under the present system of cancer treatment, if their treatments were helpful or not? Ask them, if they were astounded to know the cost of their treatments? Ask them too, if they think the present system is profit driven? Do you dare expose any of these truths?
    Would you like it better if he stood on a corner with a tin cup begging for money to fund his research? He is smart enough to make himself rich, so he would not need the cup. The evidence and truth of this matter is that he is spending his own money to help people get better cancer treatments. Who among us has a problem with that mission besides you people who want to take him down.
    Can you write another article about all the profit that is presently been made in treating cancer? Why are you so worried about him making a profit? He already has all the money he needs to do whatever he wants to. He is just trying to spend it wisely and you are finding fault with that thinking?

  • Seems to me like this article was funded by the competition. Funny how much the medical industry stands to loose if cancer is cured. Guess it’s just bad business for anyone to try to cure it.

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