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The big research initiatives launched by President Barack Obama should have enough momentum to keep rolling in the coming years, even if President Donald Trump doesn’t prioritize them, leading advocates for science said Wednesday.

Obama, a self-described “science geek,” announced the BRAIN Initiative, which aims to dive down to the cellular level to understand the workings of the human brain, in 2013. The Precision Medicine Initiative came two years later; it seeks to collect detailed health data from at least a million volunteers to fuel research on a variety of diseases. Both projects are housed in the National Institutes of Health.


President Donald Trump has not given any indication about whether he plans to keep pushing the projects — or whether he’ll ask Congress to cut, or augment, their funding.

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  • If we were ever able to find Obama’s undergraduate transcript from Columbia we will see how science “geeky” he is; probably no more so than a Chicago kid who walks through The Museum of Science and Industry for the first time. Save a few billion and read the collective works of Dr. Eric Kandel, whose already done a lot of the intellectual heavy lifting in this area.

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