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The CEO of the Cleveland Clinic, who sits on a policy roundtable serving President Trump, said he told the president he disapproved of an immigration order that ensnared a clinic doctor, and said Trump’s administration seemed to concede it was poorly executed.

“I think they realized it was not implemented well and they listened and we’ll have to see what they take back,” said Dr. Toby Cosgrove Wednesday, in his first public remarks about his interactions with Trump.


The remarks followed his annual speech to hospital staff and guests given early Wednesday morning at the Cleveland Clinic. In the speech, Cosgrove took a moment to single out Dr. Suha Abushamma, barred from reentering the US after the ban took effect, and the work of the organization’s lawyers in securing her return to the US.

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  • Allowing others to come to the US for care seems fine if they pay the rates that we Americans are subjected to as well.

    In the US, hospitals are not charities, they are business and are advertised in such a way (like charities) to get business. How many surgeons, medical nurses, and even lab techs (not admin, they make a gross deficient annual salary), are willing to take a 10-20% pay cut?.

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