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A long-running battle between the Texas Medical Board and controversial Houston doctor Stanislaw Burzynski could be coming to a head.

The board’s staff said this week that it had proposed $380,000 in fines and a stiff set of sanctions for Burzynski’s failure to adhere to proper medical procedures in treating cancer patients. The decision is preliminary, and will be submitted and formally reviewed on March 3.

The recommendations formally called for the revocation of Burzynski’s license, but the board’s staff then recommended suspending that sanction, pending a probationary period of at least four years, during which the physician’s work would undergo strict monitoring.


Burzynski declined comment, but his lawyer, Melanie Rubinsky, said the physician would submit his own proposed ruling in advance of the March 3 board meeting. “The proposed order is not final until the full board signs off on it,” she said. “It’s not a done deal.”

Under Texas law, even if the board adopts the staff recommendations, Rubinsky said Burzynski could pursue a court appeal.


In the board’s filings last summer, it accused Burzynski of unethical and unprofessional conduct regarding clinical trials of gravely ill patients. Those charges included improper care, deceptive advertising, and the use of unlicensed staff, among others.

In the findings of fact issued Wednesday, the board’s staff quoted findings of fact issued by the Texas State Office of Administrative Hearings, which found insufficient evidence of deceptive advertising. However, it found, among other violations, that Burzynski in at least one case failed to follow the treatment protocol to which a patient initially consented, and that one of Burzynski’s clinicians misrepresented herself as being authorized to practice medicine.

Elsewhere in the findings of fact, the Office of Administrative Hearings found that there was insufficient evidence to suggest patients suffered harm as a result of the violations.

“Respondent’s continued practice in treating advanced cancer patients is a present value to the cancer community,” it read. “Respondent’s treatments have saved the lives of cancer patients, both adults and children, who were not expected to live.”

In addition to the recommended fines, the board’s staff proposed ordering Burzynski to submit all patient-consent forms to the Board’s medical director for review, and complete a course in ethics.


Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly attributed findings of fact to the Texas Medical Board. The findings of fact were issued by the State Office of Administrative Hearings, and were incorporated into the board staff’s proposed decision, along with the board staff’s proposed sanctions.

  • If you have not seen it yet, watch “Burzynski: Cancer Cure Cover Up”. It explains the entire war that the FDA and Texas Board of medical examiners launched on Dr. Burzynski and you will be absolutely confounded by the relentless attacks of these two organizations and the surreptitious by the National Cancer Institute! This man is fighting for justice and I commend him with every fiber in my body! There is a very similar situation that took place in the field of nutrition over the health ramifications of saturated fat and various government organizations that took a very similar stand in this account. It’s explain in great detail in the book “The Big Fat Surprise” by Nina Teicholz. Both situations attest to the fact that national American health organizations will travel to inexplicable, immoral lengths for money, and it’s outright embarrassing as an American.

  • If this doctors treatments didn’t work, the powers that be, wouldn’t be going after him. Money can’t be made on ” cures” so I firmly believe this doctor has the cure and the medical community knows it and the thought of losing all that money is too much for them! I applaud this brave doctor for not giving up. He truly cares about the suffering people go through and is trying to save lives by a CURE not just treating and running the bill up.

  • There are several indisputable facts in the life of Dr Stanislaw R Burzynski M.D. Ph.D and they are these: He was top in his class of 250. The head of the college where Dr. B graduated made this astonishing statement: Of the 10,000 medical doctors who graduated from the college between the years 1944-1994, Burzynski was the best! He has made the most important medical breakthrough in cancer research in 50 years. If this was not so, why did some powers that be attempt to steal his patents when he was at the height of his court battles with the F.D.A. in the mid to late 90’s? Can anyone explain his extraordinary results in treating brain cancer victims when ordinary standard of care is left wanting? It takes guts and courage to see that this man is the real deal and he deserves to be commended for his life’s work.

  • The finding of fact about Burzynski being of value to the community and so on comes from the judges. It is not the position of the Board. This should be made clear. The language comes from a previous judge’s order and was contested by the Board in their objection to the order.

    • You can fight this all you want Bob, but the fact remains that Burzynski is legit and the big industries are scared shitless. I sure hope the public will gain access to his incredible findings on cancer treatment! you ought to be ashamed of your position on this blog and ashamed of the Board’s position too.

  • The Texas medical board is a sham and they should be fined. It is just sickening what the cancer business is doing to someone who actually CURES cancer, even after these patients have been damaged by the barbaric chemo and radiation “standards of care”. Allopathic medicine is in serious need of a complete reformation.

  • This amount is a drop in the bucket for his lucrative enterprise which is pushed relentlessly on all kinds of cancer sites.

    The statement by the board that “Respondent’s continued practice in treating advanced cancer patients is a present value to the cancer community,” it read. “Respondent’s treatments have saved the lives of cancer patients, both adults and children, who were not expected to live.” seems very mysterious, and I think the reporter should have gone into this. Because he also offers standard cancer treatment? or what? because the Texas Medical Board thinks some of his seemingly bogus treatments are not???? the statement seems baffling and begs for another story.

    More context and another story are needed.

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