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WASHINGTON — Case 7682299: Aug. 1, 2010. A mother gives her toddler three homeopathic pills to relieve her teething pain. Within minutes, the baby stops breathing.

“My daughter had a seizure, lost consciousness, and stopped breathing about 30 minutes after I gave her three Hyland’s Teething Tablets,” the mother later told the Food and Drug Administration. “She had to receive mouth-to-mouth CPR to resume breathing and was brought to the hospital.”

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  • I gave both of my kids these teething tablets when needed (my kids are now 10 & 6.5). We only gave them 1 at a time as needed. Did these parents give their kids 3+ tablets at a time and the reaction was due to the overdose? You can have a negative reaction to anything if you take too much of it.

    • @Stacy, there are a few points here;

      1. The issue with the Hylands teething tablets was poor quality control in the manufacturing process. Even 1 tablet at a time could have an adverse effect if there was too much active ingredient.

      2. If the tablets were prepared correctly according to the principals of homeopathy there would literally be nothing left of the original active material for any effect to be able to occur at all.

      3. If you listen to proponents of homeopathy talking about homeopathy you would quickly realise that they honestly believe that you can’t overdose on it and that there are literally no side effects.

      If literally any homeopathic remedy is prepared correctly the only thing you could overdose on would be the sugar pills.

  • I am 60 years old, my mom gave us (5 kids) hylands teething tablets, we never had vaccinations and we were rarely sick. All of her 22 grandkids (33 years and younger) all were brought up on the teething tablets and not vaccinated. No side effects. Can’t believe people are so foolish to believe everything the govt tells them. I will continue to buy online the teething tablets and give them to my grandkids. Kids given vaccinations have weakened immune systems. The pharmaceutical companies are Happy your supporting them. Wise up

    • 1) Anecdote isn’t data.
      2) Vaccinations do not weaken your immune system.
      3) Scientists are not the government.
      4) Homeopathic stuff at best does nothing, at worst contains a contaminant that can harm you.

  • Are you kidding me? What about Vaccinations!! Where is all the outrage? What about all the vax related DEATHS and INJURIES? The FDA is a joke. If you have an IQ over room temp- why don’t you study the ingredients..just start there. Ask the CDC about all those poisons. Oh..please tell me why the government has paid out MILLIONS and MILLIONS this year alone for Vax related deaths and injuries…CNN will not talk about that- they get paid by big PHARMA! Wake up.

    • Stop with your conspiracy theories! Vaccinations have been proven, repeatedly, to work. If you refuse to vaccinate your kids, you should be jailed for parental neglect. Stop spreading your ignorance and blaming ‘big PHARMA’ and CNN.

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