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I eat all the time — first breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, pre-dinner, dinner, dessert.

That’s often chalked up to a fast metabolism. But “fast metabolism” is a bit of a misnomer. There are a handful of factors that play into how quickly the body digests food and how much energy it burns while doing so.

Physical activity — both exercise and unconscious activity, like leg jiggling — affects the overall metabolic rate. So does food choice. Eating 1,000 calories of cake doesn’t kick the metabolic rate into gear the same way eating 1,000 calories of grilled chicken.


In the new episode of “Boddities,” we dive into the science of metabolism.

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  • I’m a health educator and this is a wonderful resource to use with my students. Props on the high production value of the product, it not just had great information but looked awesome also.

    • Agreed! What a wonderful resource and so well done!

      Good for kids and adults alike.

      Thank you, Megan.

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