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WASHINGTON — The Department of Veterans Affairs said Monday it would boost employee drug testing and inspections amid rising cases of opioid theft and missing prescriptions, acknowledging gaps that had allowed thousands of doctors, nurses, and other staff to go unchecked for signs of illicit drug use.

Testifying at a House hearing, Carolyn Clancy, a deputy VA undersecretary for health, said the department was moving aggressively to stem VA drug crimes. She said the VA was adding some inspectors to help check drug inventories across a network of 160 medical centers and 1,000 clinics. Computer systems also were being fine-tuned to ensure that all employees subject to drug testing were flagged for monitoring.

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  • Make sure you examine all the employees, from the TOP on DOWN. it is at all levels of the agency, and the employees lie to those who protect them from disciplinary measures, need to be polygraph tested. Not to mention peeing in a cup. Making the rest of society pee in a cup and not the employees, some of whom steal from Veterans, is absurd and ludicrous. The VA is one of the biggest pharmacies in the country, and needs to up their game and act like it. You have guidelines for the patients, start enforcing them for the employees who are also patients. Those who steal from the veterans who protect this country, are lowlifes, and need to be replaced. There are thousands of people who need jobs, and this can be done. Your job application for the VA is a joke, and it obviously doesn’t keep out those who would be thieves. Get a move ON, and fix this stuff!!!

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