oday’s news from Kite Pharma — positive six-month data for patients with severe lymphoma — stokes a blockbuster race that also involves Novartis and Juno Therapeutics, with each angling to carve out a space in what analysts say will be a multibillion-dollar market.

Here’s a breakdown of what happened and what’s to come.

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  • I have non hogkins lymphoma. It was found July 2 2012. I had chemos then qualified for a stem cell transplant at Mayo clinic in Rochester MN. After 3 years it came back. We now live in Az and at Banner cancer center I was having IV chemo again for a bump along my ear. The IV was successful in removing the bump. Then I was put on IMBRUVICA cancer pills and they worked for one until now. A bump now appears between my eye and ear. So now I’m doing IV chemo again consisting bendurine and the drug obinutuzumab. My recent pet scan shows good except for the bump. I’m a pretty healthy person not taking any medications. My age is 73 yrs old. My weight is 157 height 5′ 10.

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