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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — The people in this Tennessee city might have good reason to agree with President Trump that Obamacare is an “imploding” disaster, given the recent collapse of the state’s individual marketplace. But you wouldn’t know it based on some residents’ pleas to save the Affordable Care Act.

On a rainy Tuesday, hours before Trump offered a joint session of Congress five principles for a replacement law, the organizers of Save My Care, a traveling, pro-ACA campaign, handed out “STOP REPEAL” signs to supporters in downtown Knoxville.


Knoxville is in trouble — for many, saving the ACA refers to saving the insurance marketplace — and this city of 183,000 is fresh out of options.

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  • Why don’t you responsibly report this story explaining that anybody can buy insurance, the federal marketplace is supposed to offer group buying benefits and that is all. This means that while these examples may lose coverage options through the Exchange, they can still get insurance coverage, just likely at a higher rate. So does this mean Obamacare is imploding or that the Exchange and the ACA have been so choked by our legislators, insurers are leaving the less desirable marketplace so they can charge more?

  • Is there a list of counties in Eastern TN that may end up with no ACA insurance coverage? Anyone have a link to the counties in question? We were planning on moving here, but….. What is the current update re what TN will do about this, if it comes to be?

  • What do we do? Why isn’t Tennessee fighting for their residents! I moved here and sign papers to get my Med’s. Tennessee has a health care epidemic and drug epidemic where is our Cingress and senate in this! And our Government!!! Shame on health care and our elected officials

    • Because they never signed up to manage the ACA properly. They never took the millions of dollars offered to them to run the ACA. They hated Obama that much and all they did was screw the people that voted for them again and again. The sad part is they will vote Republican again, and continue to do without.

    • Dawn. I live in a blue state that did everything right re ACA. We now have one insurer left. We used to have 9. It’s not just red states that are having issues with ACA insurance coverage. I live in an insurance monopoly in a blue state.

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