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It’s an irresistible pairing: Big-name Washington politicians Newt Gingrich and Patrick Kennedy have joined forces to help a new advocacy group push for wider use of medications to treat opioid addiction and expanded government funding.

As paid advisers to Advocates for Opioid RecoveryGingrich, the former Republican House speaker and a Trump confidant, and Kennedy, a former congressman and a scion of the family that defined liberal Democratic politics for decades, have generated a flurry of media attention. They have conducted joint interviews with outlets ranging from Fox News to the New Yorker.

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  • After 5 back surgeries and 40 years of misery, the government has decided that I no longer need my debtors 400 mcto control my chronic pain. My Dr. Supposedly has no say in the matter! What the heck is this country coming to? They have turned me into a virtual recluse and eliminated my semi-productive life. By the way, my wife really appreciates it also. — thanks idiots. I wonder what kind of relief would be available to you if you were suffering every day of your life!

  • I read an article that discussed the unexpected consequence of Medicaid expansion under the ACA on the increasing opioid addictions. The opioids are free or inexpensive and some of the drugs are sold on the street.

    • You drank the kool aid! The govt hoodwinked you into believing prescription drugs are the problem when it’s actually street drugs heroin/carfentenyl is driving this so called crisis! Your x is coming much suffering all in the name of the big money drugs suboxone & buprenorphine! Take yur pick bc that’s all u will get! Welcome to our world of suffering!

  • There are so many issues that need to be addressed with dealing with opioid and illegal drugs, such as heroin, over doses. The only way to really address the issue, is to have a group of people from law enforcement, clinicians, patients, etc. get together and draft a flow chart from start to end and implement a solution along each step. I have worked as a pharmacist for over 35 years now and dealt with patients forging prescriptions, when I worked in a retail store, to having prescription pads stolen from my hospital clinics and physician offices and dealing with forged prescriptions and insurance fraud, to patient family members drawing morphine out of their mothers IV Bag who was dying from cancer, to visitors trying to steal drugs on nursing units, to employees stealing drugs, etc. We know that college students having been selling their ADD drugs for decades…do they have ADD or not? Heroin and fentanyl are not being prescribed by physicians, so they are entering the country across the borders. Addressing Opioids is one part of the problem, but not the whole problem. Let’s address ALL issues and get it done in a bipartison way and if politicians have any political affiliation with any business, let us know up front. It is tax payers who are probably paying for most of the rehab and naloxone being used.

    • How about the real problem with diversion that is actually coming from the higher ups the ones that get the passwords to the drug portals e.g. the VA is missing over 3Million of controlled meds spanning a 3 yr period! Inside job, CEO’s all higher ups & we will never hear another news report regarding this again, swept under the rug! Millions of chronic pain pts are suffering due to these old white men that know zero about HC making decisions on our HC needs based on zero science based evidence which appears to be a requirement of the past!

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