WASHINGTON — Dr. Roger Marshall was delivering babies in December. By January, he found himself across a breakfast table from Tom Price, offering emotional support to the Georgia congressman as he endured a contentious confirmation process to become the top health official in the new Trump administration.

Marshall, a few months ago just another doctor from Kansas, is now Congressman Roger Marshall.

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  • I’ve just watched you on MSNBC. I am a speech teacher. When you lie, you talk too fast, raise your voice and your voice gets higher pitched. You should not go on TV, your lying is too obvious.

  • Congressman Marshall is a sick and twisted individual. Even an atheist can see that using Jesus to justify denying healthcare to poor people is not only wrong, but perverse.

  • Great Bend Regional Hospital, which is the hospital where Marshall worked prior to becoming a Congressman, is a “physician-owned” facility. According to an opinion piece I read in Forbes ( https://www.forbes.com/sites/gracemarieturner/2015/11/06/lift-the-ban-on-physician-owned-hospitals/#1762e6c15317 ) the ACA banned the creation and expansion of physician-owned hospitals.

    I wonder if Marshall is/was/will be one of the co-owners of Great Bend Regional Hospital. He would certainly have reason to want to see ACA repealed, so his investment in the physician-owned facility wasn’t hurt further.

    I truly hope this isn’t the case. It’s pure speculation on my part. But, how horrible, if this was, in some part, Marshall’s motivation for wanting to repeal ACA… his own bottom line. Most people, with half a heart (metaphorically-speaking), understands that what Marshall has said about people on Medicaid is crap.

    However, I do believe Marshall is correct in saying the poor will always be with us. That’s because those who take advantage of the poor will always be with us. Those who use and abuse the poor for their own profit will always be with us.

    Why is it so easy for so many to hate poor people? No child thinks to herself, “When I grow up, I want to be a poor person!” Living in poverty or near poverty is not pleasant. Why are some people so resolved to make the experience of poverty even worse?

  • have you gotten broken in or are you still not a politician? What about the statement that the ACA was gone and a done deal during your Hutchinson Listening Tour?

  • Dear Roger, please do not vote on the health care bill until you have read it. Please do the right thing. We depend on you to protect us. Thank you, Barbara Henry

  • I think Jesus said to take care of the homeless/poor/sick people, not kick them to the side of the road to make room for people to make money. But, I am not a Bible scholar.

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