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State of (Trump’s) Mind examines the psychology behind statements and actions by the president.

In a now-infamous tweet burst on Saturday morning, President Trump accused former President Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower in New York City, where Trump lives and where the Trump Organization is headquartered.

The spark:

Trump didn’t explain what prompted his tweet storm, but late last week, a conservative radio program and Breitbart News claimed that Obama had wiretapped Trump, without citing any real evidence for the claim. Obama, his former aides, and FBI Director James Comey have denied that any wiretapping took place.

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  • Every time I deal with a conspiracy believer, I ask what personal, first hand experience they have had to justify belief in conspiracies. In dozens of cases, not once have I gotten a clear response. I had one guy tell me he believed the Jews controlled everything because he knew a crooked Jew once who told him, and another guy hinted that he knew because he was involved in one but he couldn’t say what. As best I can tell, none of these people have any first-hand experience.

  • Red,

    You heart’s in the right place fer shure, but that “covertly controlled” thingie is a wee bit dopey. There’s nothing covert aboutTrump’s cabinet being full of billionaires, nor about ALEC running barebutt through the corridors of the State legislatures, nor about an aggressively partisan Republican SCOTUS passing Citizens United to free up the voice of the mighty buck.

    There’s a bit of doubt about who’s in charge of whutt. The Trump cabinet has rather nicely been called “vindictiveness moderated by incompetence,” and Trump himself couldn’t control a two tray system of ice cubes in a friedge where you set the auto-defrost for him beforehand.

    He has never made a penny in real estate but did quite nicely in television. He played the part of a blowhard imitation businessman, which obviously requitred no more than sitting down in front of a camera, and he had a director to help him do that.

    Politics really is the art of the possible. No, there is no science of it. The reason America has no political left, it seems to me, is the country has an oversupply of good-hearted ignoramusses like yourself, and precious few people thinking about what should and can be done.

    Take local and municipal governance, for instance. This is an area where a Green Party could do effective work. Is there a green party there? Naww. Egomaniac Jill Stein is off running for President. Wonnerful. Wonnerful.

    Why is ALEC effective? Because part of what they say is rational for a paying audience, and they can get paid for the irrational part they load on top of that because it’s profitable for a lot of people to get corrupt stupid laws passed.

    Where is the Left that might have sensible things to say about roads, schools, sewers, parks? Not there. Busy running for President. Feh!

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