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WASHINGTON — When the Food and Drug Administration declared that KIND bars — that sticky fusion of fruit, nuts, chocolate, and other treats — couldn’t use the word “healthy” on its wrappers in 2015, the KIND company took offense.

It filed a petition objecting to the standards the agency used when considering fat content and asked that its tasty bars be permitted to be called “healthy,” after all.

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  • We often hear “a calorie is a calorie no matter what it’s comprised of.” I’m not so sure about that. I’ve been trying to stick to the Always Hungry Diet. It focuses less on counting calories and more on eating protein, dairy, fruits & low-glycemic vegetables and avoiding processed carbs (breads, alcohol). When I successfully avoid the processed carbs, I lose weight, even if I eat a lot of meat, nuts and full-fat yogurt; still not a big fruit and vegetable fan.

  • You know what healthy food is? It’s food that is NATURAL. Over 99% of US households have some kind of refrigeration. So why do most foods have BS in them? Preservatives, colorings and all that other stuff? Bacon? Oh now there is uncured bacon, except they put CELERY powder/salt and Sea Salt in it. Have you eaten celery with bacon? It is AWFUL tasting to say the least. They just GOTTA put SOMETHING in to make it terrible. lol I mean I want a slab of pork belly smoked and sliced into nice strips, PERIOD. I could go on but I just found this site. hehehehe

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