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STAT is working with other news organizations to collect and analyze letters and emails elected officials have sent to constituents on the Affordable Care Act. You can submit a lawmaker’s correspondence below.

Dismayed by the results of the 2016 election, Meg Godfrey decided she needed to do more than vote, share social media posts, and sign online petitions. So she went to the website of Senator Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) and typed a note in support of the Affordable Care Act.

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  • I’m convinced that most of the politicians who speak against the ACA really don’t understand what they’re talking about. It doesn’t affect them so they just keep quoting bogus statistics that they heard from another uninformed colleague.

  • So fact checking this absurd fact checking article we find:
    1. A person from Northern California wrote a Senator in Missouri about how much he or she liked the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The Senator from MO sent back a letter saying why he didn’t think it was best for people in MO. This infuriated the person from California causing this whole beserk series of other claims. (Just guessing… the person from California lied to the Senator from MO to start with because typically you have to be from that state to keave a message on a particular Congressperson’s email system.)
    2. All the claims by the MO Senator are accurate according to your own left wing fact checker, who also knows nothing about MO, but who claims in turn that the MO Senator “lacked context” even though his claims are true
    3. Given that the facts are all true, it is necessary to “step out of the aggregate and look the hypothetical”–wow, summing up all that is wrong with the left in one phrase

    • It’s really sad and scary! Democracy requires all have a say, but also all are
      educated, knowledgeable and Honest. But there’s the rub!
      Dennis Byron’s comment exemplifies how futile it has become.
      He doesn’t grasp the explanations of facts nor understand the significance
      of context and concludes the complete opposite of matters despite the
      efforts of the Fact Checkers and Ornstein.
      They better recognize their reader’s capabilities and why they don’t grasp, say, the contextual point and difference in, “Missourians in 97 of 114 counties and the city of St. Louis will only have one option on the exchange”, versus, “63% of residents live in 17 counties that have at least two choices”., means about 2/3 of Missourians have more than 1 choice!
      Add to that, the other points likely also aren’t understood and he denies a
      person moving into a State the ability to ask questions of a Senator for that State, and even assumes the person lied to the Senator. Holy-Moly, how futile!!

    • Rich Caruso provides the perfect example of what’s wrong with the left:
      — My comment quoted 100% accurately from the article above. Caruso cannot defend a position with facts so he or she resorts to personal attack
      — But even in his or her vicious personal attack comment she or he proves the point of my comment: Caruso repeats the fact that a third of people in MO who want to buy insurance individually have no choice in healthcare insurance because of Obamacare, just as the MO senator said to the Californian and just as been listed as one of the five or six major problems with Obamacare that needs to be fixed.

      To Caruso apparently, seriously harming a couple of hundred thousand people in MO (and millions in the country with no choices, premiums that have doubled or worse, $10,000 deductibles, very limited networks, coverage for medical issues they never could possibly get, and more) is OK… it’s for the greater good… send the others to the gulag

  • I sent a similar letter to the Speaker Paul Ryan. Got a form letter spouting how wonderful The replacement plan will be. This is after my letter called into question how each provision will hurt more than help most Americans.

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