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WASHINGTON — President Trump will nominate Dr. Scott Gottlieb, a longtime drug industry financier and advocate for deregulation, to run the Food and Drug Administration, the White House said Friday.

Gottlieb, 44, is a physician and resident fellow at the conservative American Enterprise Institute. He trained at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, then pursued an unusual career that has taken him from hospitals to Wall Street to the FDA and back to Wall Street. A prolific writer and speaker on medical innovation, Gottlieb served as an FDA deputy commissioner under George W. Bush and has frequently testified before Congress.

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  • He’s baaaack. Most notably cited in
    “How Many More Mike Browns Are Out There?”, Time Magazine; 9/25/2005.,9171,1109345,00.html.

    Gottlieb oversaw the plummet in inspections and compliance actions and the resulting alarming spike in tainted drugs, adverse events that soon followed. I remember those days. Very Anti-Whistleblower also. Did Trump supporters really vote for being poisoned again?
    He should just stay in WallStreet where his garbage belongs.

  • What are the politics, of Dr.gottliebs on the so-called opioid crisis?. Will he be compassionate, with the true pain sufferers, that take pain meds, in a responsible way?, or will he be, putting,them with the good,bad and the ugly. Meaning those that abuse,sell, and those,who really need for pain, but are in fear, of being rounded, up with, the so-called opioid crisis. As is, now opioid , meds are being ,cut in production, of 25% .also doctors are being, advice to give less, or cut the pain meds from their patients,due to being put on the, bad list.. very sad
    Wake up America!!!.

  • When a whistle-blower went to the FDA in 2011 and said NECC would harm or kill patients the FDA did nothing. In 2012 76 patients died because of NECC let’s hope this guy listenesaid to whistleblowers.

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