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AUSTIN, Texas — Practically shouting for emphasis, former Vice President Joe Biden delivered an impassioned plea Sunday to “the techies” in the audience at the South by Southwest festival here to find a cure for cancer.

“You are the future,” Biden said in his first major speech on cancer since leaving the White House. “Many of you are developing technologies and innovations for purposes large and small that have nothing to do with cancer. But you can make a gigantic impact. Your ingenuity can have a profound impact on cancer.”

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  • Looking back on my 4 year ordeal with NHL, the frustration of not finding other seniors online to talk to about their experience with cancer that originated in a testicle was unbelievably frustrating. Doctors and patients must have immediate access to the medical records of all cancer patients to assist in treatment. A worldwide data base with no privacy restrictions could only help everyone involved in dealing with cancer.

  • [email protected]

    Dear Dr Krummel :
    In reviewing you research activities I believe you may be interested in an approach which uses Biopsies to help cytotoxic T-cells identify which cells to kill

    I have been in contact with Stanford( Mark Davis ). He suggested that you may be able to help with our intention to use the work of Gerald Pollack PhD
    ( )
    AND Luc Montagnier. PhD Nobel Laureate.

    and other research about nuclear cell wall Eclusion Zone water(Ez water) making DNA sequence replicas that we hope could be activated by cytotoxic T- Cells providing ELF waves to trigger DNA sequence electronic ELF signals to compare with recorded Biopsy nuclear cell DNA sequence ending in apoptosis

    as a cure for any cancer with a recordable biopsy.

    However, we need to know the exact procedure a cytotoxic T- cell encounters when testing any cell for Antigen Presentation . Might you be able to advise us in any way. would you like to participate?

    Gerard Scally,

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