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WASHINGTON — The official scorekeepers in Washington have weighed in on the GOP’s health care plan and put the stakes of the debate in full view: Millions more Americans would be uninsured if the legislation were approved, and federal spending on Medicaid, the largest health insurance program in the nation, would be dramatically reduced.

Republicans have preemptively argued that the Congressional Budget Office, which released its analysis of the American Health Care Act on Monday, sometimes gets its estimates wrong. But for now, the CBO’s report is the official projection of what would happen under President Trump and the GOP’s plan.

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  • The GOP plan is a disaster waiting to happen. But they want to pass it for two reasons. To show the Democrats up and to shift costs back to the states in the form of grants which will never cover costs. Mandatory catastrophic health insurance for all is the way to go. This way the currently insured would be paying for those who were allowed to ‘opt out’ of any insurance should they become ill or injured. Vouchers must be based on income not age. I do agree that if you are deemed fit for work, you must work. I’ve seen this tried before and the slackers find a way out. I was around when this was tried many yrs ago. It was called Workfare. I was busting my but as a nurse when I overheard one person say to another ‘ Don’t worry bro. You just do your probation (as in job probationary period ) then you go out on comp (Worker’s compensation) then you get free tax free money ‘. I was wild. We need to take care of our elderly and infirm that have documented disabilities. This is no entitlements, but sociatal responsibility.

  • My state, Missouri, has a GOP controlled legislature. They declined to participate in the Medicaid Expansion under ACA. The result was the only physician provider in the county closed their doors. My county is one of the poorest counties in the state. To see a primary care physican that will accept Medicaid patients is 100 miles away. It that what the GOP calls ‘access’? Well, my county voted overwhelmingly for the GOP. They bought the propaganda the GOP espouses and they are going to regret it even more. They will also buy the propaganda that it is the Democrats fault for the holes in their safety net. They DESERVE what they voted for until the figure out what the fact are.

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