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AUSTIN, Texas — For a generation of school kids, Bill Nye is zany and fun-loving, “America’s favorite scientist.’’

A mostly flattering new documentary about the science educator, author, and mechanical engineer, which premiered here Sunday at the South by Southwest festival, chronicles how Nye drew inspiration from Carl Sagan as well as how he sparred with creationists and climate change deniers.

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  • Well, I agree with his defense of science but hard to forgive his decidedly unscientific approach to the whole “deflategate” nonsense. A good opportunity to educate people on the Ideal Gas Law missed.

  • Respect the science? Start with respecting the language. Change is what the climate does. “Climate change denial” is pejorative green nazi hate speak. Do you know anyone of sound mind who denies the climate changes?
    Watch Nye with Tucker Carlson disrespect the science when he engages in lie after lie. About the last ice age, about the next one, that human’s are 100% responsible for global warming, that the climate would be as it was in 1750 were it not for humanity, etc, etc. If he was in possession of settled scientific truth, why resort to mendacity?

    • OK how’s this: Man made climate change. I sense that you are one of the “the climate has always changed, man has nothing to do with it, can’t do anything about it, etc. the fact that you are taking Tucker’s side in a debate about Science wiith Bill Nye says all I need to know about you

  • I love Bill Nye. Science denial is the cause of our time. Right now there is nothing more important than scientist communicators. Stand up for science and talk to the people about why science is so important. Like Carl Sagan (who paid a price in the scientific community for his focus on science communication), Bill Nye is the man!

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