here’s more than one way to attack PCSK9 and lower cholesterol, but investors seem to be losing hope that the field’s next generation of drugs will ever make a splash on the market.

The Medicines Company, which is years away from selling its PCSK9 drug, saw its share price tumble by about 15 percent on Friday despite presenting positive data, as Wall Street reacted to disappointing clinical results from Amgen’s approved Repatha that have changed the landscape in biotech.

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  • Take your pick:

    -Repatha, lowers LDL cholesterol 59%, for $14,100/year.

    -Vytorin 10/40 (well tolerated), lowers LDL cholesterol 55%, for $25/month with coupon.

    No brainer.

  • This is where the rubber meets the road profit or professional medicine? Somehow I think I’d have a heart attack to hear Jean Luke’s reply when Beverly said we can’t cure WARF our stock holders won’t approve it..

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