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Former US Attorney Preet Bharara, who was removed from his post by the Trump administration last week, was overseeing an investigation into stock trades made by the president’s health secretary, according to a person familiar with the office.

Tom Price, head of the Department of Health and Human Services, came under scrutiny during his confirmation hearings for investments he made while serving in Congress. The Georgia lawmaker traded hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of shares in health-related companies, even as he voted on and sponsored legislation affecting the industry.

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  • What people should be investigating is a rash of Alzheimer’s, CJD, or Kuru cases among the Democtatic congress people! First Maxine W. says Korea was invaded and then Nancy P. Starts blaming everything on President Bush and is quickly corrected by her colleagues while they are all still on camera making wildly funny faces! Maybe whatever is taking HILLARY down like a mad cow is contagious?

  • This guy seems a little impulsive to me. Now, every time he applies for a job, when asked if he has ever been fired, he has to say YES! Impulsive and not too smart this guy definitely deserved to hear the words

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