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WASHINGTON — After a mad March sprint, the House stalled in its pursuit of a replacement for the Affordable Care Act, throwing into doubt whether the Trump administration and GOP Congress can deliver on their first major legislative goal.

With a vote set to occur Friday afternoon, Republican leaders instead decided to pull the bill from the floor amid widespread reports that they did not have the votes to pass it. House Speaker Paul Ryan met with President Trump, who had wanted a vote Friday, shortly before that decision was made.

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  • Really pleased that this poorly thought out replacement for the ACA failed badly! Why don’t these Republican congressmen/women sit down with their Democratic colleagues and fashion a great plan that repairs the problems with Obamacare and gives Americans the health plan they need going forward. It would be better for the country and help the President to fulfill his making America great again promise. They could all take credit for the compromise and move on to critically important issues like infrastructure and jobs which will also require across the isle cooperation. I hope this approach is considered and floated by someone in power who will put the country ahead of politics for a change.

  • Do u really think American people r that stupid to think that y’all pulled out for the low to middle class. Really!!! This four years r going to b HELL. Shame on the rich who got rich off of everyday working people. Look what u Repub voters created . A bunch of republicans with no balls to stand up for what it morally correct. Didn’t pull it for our benefit.

  • According to CSPAN the house only went into recess. I didn’t infer that the bill was pulled. DT is a business man and his performance plan metrics say vote tonight or don’t get your bonus.

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