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Public television stations across the country have begun airing a documentary about pain treatment produced by a doctor with significant financial ties to the manufacturers of opioid medications — a fact not disclosed in the program.

“The Painful Truth” chronicles the plight of several patients struggling to find effective treatment for chronic pain. Throughout the 57-minute-long program, politicians, federal agencies, and others are depicted as having overreacted to the epidemic of opioid-related overdoses; the documentary suggests pain specialists have been discouraged from prescribing opioids to patients who genuinely need them.

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  • Yes everyone needs to get on this and see what’s going on im also supposed to be and anyone who is iin so much pain if i get anything for pain its very lottle ive had so many SURGERIES i never get meds for my pain was in cleveland clinis 7weeks trying deal with the pain is unreal so believr me i kmow about pain out government needs to realize our need for meds betcha if trump or any of the govenors need it then it would be straight up alright i dont believe that pain caused the drug problems people have went all crazy maling stuff to get high because they want to its not becsuse of meds for our pain that we need people gonna continue to kill themselves and yes ur right lyrica is something makes u stress have ansioty attracts hoping something is done to get our pain meds back

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