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They blame the establishment. They blame the Democrats. They blame the media.

But it seems that few voters in Trump country blame President Trump for the stunning collapse of the Republican-led effort to repeal and replace Obamacare.

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  • If you like “true, conservative, free-market principles” then you shouldn’t be angry when jobs move to countries with cheap labor. Actually you shouldn’t want the government to have any role in job creation at all. Anyone who truly understands market economies knows the free market fails in a number of circumstances like externalities, asymmetric information, public goods, long run considerations (aka health care).

    • Health, this is why I don’t believe that “free-market principle” can be applied blindly to governing. I know it is handle to cherry pick principles to advance an agenda but there is another extension to the idea of “free-market principles” I would offer up for consideration. It has to do with the ACA mandates (yes, plural); there is the easy target of the required individual mandate. However there is the previously established “hospital mandate”; where hospitals are required to treat people regardless of ability to pay. In a “free-market” neither of these mandates would exist. So let’s drop them both and wait and see how the cost of insurance changes; my guess would be the cost will go down, dramatically.

    • @A_ReliableSource – I agree that removing the hospital mandate would drive costs down, because hospitals wouldn’t have to pass on their non-reimbursed costs, but removing the individual mandate would drive costs UP, because healthier people would no longer be paying into the pool while not taking anything out, so people who do pay in would have to pay more.

  • We have some really ignorant people in America, if these idiots can’t see Donald Trump don’t give a Damn about them or there health care, he did not know what the republican bill consist of. His one and only concern was to repeal, health care because it represents America’s first black President. He could less about the poor white folks in rural America.

  • If they want to get rid of health insurance , fine. When I was a kid in the 50’s , no one had insurance , but a doctors visit cost 5 dollars ; prescriptions cost a few dollars . Hospitals were expensive , but you could pay them over time and not bankrupt yourself . If this is what you want for health care , that would be great . The only problem is that you’re delusional . It will never be like that again and we’re stuck with the most expensive health care in the world .

  • This is directed to the quote from Michael Davis; that wants all the mandates laid out in Obama’s Affordable Care Act gone. He wants “true, conservative, free-market principles” to rule the day. I kind of agree with him on this point; all of the mandates should be removed; including that pesky mandate imposed on hospitals to treat anyone and everyone regardless of ability to pay. Yes Michael Davis; this mandate needs to be dropped. Can’t pay; natural selection takes over. This will cause those that are healthy to get insured and this will drive the costs down or America will be great again after the herd is thinned.

  • I don’t know if I should laugh or cry at all of these people. Blame the democrats! You can’t do that until there is a vote and there was no vote!
    To Joleen Dudley who says “He isn’t one to give up, or he wouldn’t be a billionaire.” Joleen, he gives up on just about everything; how many casinos did he give up on. What about a “University”, steaks, vodka. He quits just about everything and that thing about being a billionaire; I doubt it, he lies about everything, why wouldn’t his wealth be any different?

  • I am an American living overseas and what I see , hear and read disgusts me immensely. One of the wealthiest countries in the world and we have a president that wants to tweet stupid remarks , a congress that wants to only think of what is good for them and not the American people. Drain the swamp we were told. The only way to drain that swamp in Washington is to kick them all out and elect people with common sense. Congress should be looking at the good of the people not lining their pockets at our expense. Nominated candidates should be scrutinized closely and not be aligned with big business. Remember the country belongs to the people not a party Democrat or Republican but the people. I don’t care if your conservative, liberal , black , white , Asian,Hispanic, gay, or straight your American first and the country should come first. Politians need to but aside their beliefs and listen to the people.
    Obamacare isn’t the best thing but it’s a starting point it provides a bases to look into adjust make amendments tweak but not destroy. This ongoing bi partisan stuff has got to stop. It’s like school children doing tit for tat.
    Grow up congress and make America great again by doing what’s right for the people not what you believe is right for you

  • This Obama Care is really going to be hard to fix, I don’t think they were ready with a good replacement, but it will be fixed in time, this country needs to pull together and not try to make this president look bad, don’t mess with anyone that has their own insurance.

    • LOL, Trump needs no help to look bad! Work together? Why didn’t HE try to “work together” to FIX what is IN GENERAL a good system, instead of trying to throw the baby out with the bathwater and replace it with some half-assed plan? Why is his CURRENT plan to sit back and wait for ObamaCare to “explode” instead of trying to fix the problems. His attitude is like refusing to repair a damaged bridge because his design for a new bridge was rejected!

  • I find it quite hypocritical that so many “people of faith” voted for a man who perfectly embodies 6 of the 7 Deadly Sins. The only one he doesn’t routinely commit is Sloth – because he’s too busy committing the other 6!

  • I’m disappointed to see liberals hurling insults at trump supporters (in comments). Liberals need to listen and acknowledge points of commonality, which do exist. E.g. There r poor people who abuse the system set up for them, who have terrible life habits that lead them into disability by age 40. They r probably not the majority of entitlement users, but evidence is not persuasive, so what is? If both sides were more honest, frustrated Americans would not turn to someone like trump, who has a history failing to deliver.

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