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When you think of business expenses in the health care industry, you probably don’t think about this mostly hidden cost: settlements made with government agencies. From 2010 to 2017, pharmaceutical companies, health care service providers, and producers of medical equipment and supplies paid the federal government more than $22 billion to settle legal cases.

STAT analyzed data from 39 federal regulatory agencies that initiated legal actions against health care companies. In some instances, the companies settled cases without acknowledging any wrongdoing.

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  • Whoever it was that paid this huge sum you speak of, the money should have gone to the families of the people the medical profession killed as a matter of course; never looking to see what the effects of their medical errors were, but only looking forward to their next medical “challenge”. Such starkly 3-dimensional Narcissism exists nowhere else in the world in the numbers and intensity as it exists in the Medical Profession. “I’m so sorry,” the doc says gently to the man sitting next to him. “You’re wife will die within the next few hours and there is nothing we an do.” Then he gets up, walks down the hall to a doctor’s lounge and chomps down a tuna fish sandwich with chips, while he checks on the scores from the NCAA tournament.

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