he emotional video tells of a patient with blood cancer who tries an experimental therapy involving “natural killer” cells. “NEW BREAKTHROUGH HELPS PATIENTS KILL CANCER” the banner headline declares as the patient, wiping away tears, covers her face with her hands and murmurs, “It’s really good news.”

Billionaire Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong retweeted the video several times in recent days, amid a flurry of social media posts in which he vowed to “solve” cancer.

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  • There have been cures for cancer for decades. However, the pharmaceutical money lust, has been stopping it. I would type out the known cures, but what for, it will just be a tip to the pharmaceutical police force. I worked as an Intensive Care Critical Care physician for years. I got into cancer, My mind is such that I sought cures and found them, for 5 years I worked in integrative cancer therapy, and did a number of studies. One study took 384 patients with stage 4 cancers and in 8 weeks 80% WERE IN complete remission.
    Cancer is a systemic illness. It does not go away.

    If one wants to learn about cures, go to the office of the Cancer Control Society out of Hollywood, California. They keep research on all Both
    conventional and integrative.

    Also, though Virgina Livingston Wheeler has been bad mouthed so much, and she has been dead since 1991, thus she cannot defend herself, however, if one actually reads her scientific papers, there are over 40, the statistics is top, the correlation is top, she did great research and she proved her point. Yes
    out spoken women can be a problem, especially when they are correct.

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