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State of (Trump’s) Mind examines the psychology behind statements and actions by the president.

It has been 24 days since President Trump tweeted the incendiary assertion that President Obama “was tapping my phones” before Election Day. Although neither Trump nor his aides has provided evidence of that, and officials from the Obama administration and others have flat-out denied it, Trump has not retracted the allegation. As a Wall Street Journal editorial said last week, “the President clings to his assertion like a drunk to an empty gin bottle.”

What explains the president’s stubborness? Both research and experience with patients have taught psychologists something about what makes people unwilling or unable to concede error. By “concede,” we don’t mean apologize, as for an unethical or hurtful action. We mean something along the lines of That thing I said? It’s factually incorrect — even without an apology.

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  • I honestly can’t figure out if hes scamming everyone with his stupid act or if hes really that far gone.

  • Obama has denied the accusations? He wouldn’t be known as a liar would he?
    I.E-If you like your Dr-you can keep your Dr. If you like your plan-you can keep your plan.
    Those did turn out to be outright lies. Excuse me for being skeptical now!

    • Don’t you see the difference between being wrong about something (Obama and his predictions regarding keeping your doctor) and outright LYING repeatedly? Obama made mistakes yes, but Trump has serious character flaws and his incessant paranoia and dishonesty are a threat to us all.

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