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WASHINGTON — An executive order being prepared by the Trump administration would set an ambitious timetable for new recommendations to address the nation’s opioid crisis and appoint top administration officials to oversee the effort, according to a draft obtained by STAT.

The administration is expected to unveil a commission focused on the nation’s opioid epidemic soon. The panel would be composed of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin, and Defense Secretary James Mattis, according to the draft order. Another five members from state governments, law enforcement, and other groups would fill it out.


The Washington Post reported this week that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie would chair the commission.

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  • Funny we have people who die more each year from alcohol related incidents than we do with opioids!!!! So are they going to tell people they will have to cut their pain meds only for those people who are legitimately in pain to end up doing illegal drugs? They are going to create a real epidemic… Don’t go after people who are in real pain but the addictsnot people who can show by tons of tests they are in pain!!!

  • Dear Editor,
    I want to thank United Airlines for exposing the American Medical Association for allowing “Dr.” David Dao to traffic in drugs and still practice medicine. President Trump recently appointed Gov. Chris Christie to leadership role in fighting opioid epidemic! Both Trump and Chris Christie thought the treatment of Dr. Dao’s expulsion from the United Airline flight was terrible. As a passenger during this period of time most people had much worse options than having to drive 4.5 hours to be their for their patients! I drove 6.5 hours in a rental car to adapt to the “war time” condition precipitated by Delta Airlines problems in Atlanta, Ga. Before feeling sorry for “Dr.” Dao both Trump and Christie has to see Dr. Dao and the AMA as the enemy of America regarding the opioid epidemic! The self centered Dr. Dao used his position to have gay sex with one of his patients in a motel room and was convicted of numerous drug related felony charges. (So much for the family man image the media is trying to create. ) Dao would rather delay hundreds of passengers by acting like a spoiled brat and forcing the authorities to forcibly remove him from the plane. (Try pulling that crap with a police officer when he asks you to get our of the car.) Trump and Chirstie better take a look at all of the doctors who have been arrested for illegal drug dispensing and force the AMA to make sure they never practice medicine again.
    If they are not willing or able to step to the plate they might as well shelve this anti opioid farce.

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