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WASHINGTON — The national health care landscape has shifted so dramatically over the past month that earlier this week, the Republican-dominated Kansas Legislature did what many in that state long thought impossible: voted to expand Medicaid.

Kansas, along with Maine and Georgia, began exploring Medicaid expansion despite the supposedly inevitable repeal of the law that permitted it: the Affordable Care Act.

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  • If you reside in a state with high Medicaid, low income, with corporations leaving the USA for other countries causing towns, counties, to be left behind holding the debt. Then expand whatever medical healthcare required to be paid!
    No more stigma of Medicaid patients as jobs have left the USA in shambles! Drive it and see for yourselves!
    If not, then allow patients to file bankruptcy on hospitals, clinics, like the 1990s when the hospitals and clinics were complaining about not being paid.
    Figure it out! We are to be this Great Country however people can’t access healthcare because out of control insurance premiums, copays, deductibles, etc.
    We are the only nation on this planet that doesnt have universal healthcare and we pay 3 times more. In some areas or states healthcare has not advanced. If your a taxpayer regardless of financial class then you should have healthcare without losing everything you have earned!
    Time to grab the big boy or girl pants and change course in funding healthcare!

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